Chris Kenworthy

Freelance copywriter in Leeds

I’ll help you cultivate the right kind of clients

Especially in IT and software development

Together, we’ll find your voice and tell your story to the people who matter – with clear, purposeful copywriting for websites, case studies and B2B marketing.

Clearer words for websites

Brand copywriting that attracts clients to what you do best and what you stand for.

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TOV development

Give your brand consistency with a unique sounding voice that connects more deeply with clients.

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Insightful case studies

Stories to engage people in your way of working, putting you front-of-mind with clients.

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IT consultancy? Software developer? Tech company?

I'm seeking new IT sector copywriting projects

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What’s this guy all about?

Read about my self-appointed mission to rid the world of unintelligible business-speak.

Write better job ads. Attract better IT staff

Take one step closer to self-selecting candidates with this straightforward advice for writing better IT recruitment job ads.

I’m actively seeking new IT sector copywriting projects

For the record, I’m now unashamedly specialising in copywriting for clients in the IT sector.

Safe yet same copywriting

Ten tips to help avoid the kind of trite dirge you’ll read on 90% of websites.

PR and commercial event photography in Leeds

Natural, engaging photos of your inspiring conference and events
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