About Chris Kenworthy

Freelance copywriter in Leeds & event photographer

Toby fires another self-assured smirk around the stale meeting room, his weasel eyes darting between the bewildered faces of unwitting prey as he delivers the smug crescendo of his presentation:

“And that’s why we need to synergize thought-ownership and concentrate on realisation of those hard and soft benefits so we can gain linkage between the two and experience flow”

A volcano of molten fury and disbelief erupts silently inside me. How are people supposed to understand this indecipherable bilge? But my restrained anger was doused in a sea of vacant nodding heads, each person fearful to admit that no one really knew what the hell Toby was talking about.

Hot air is the wind that fills my freelance sails

You’ll often find me screaming plain English at poorly-worded signs in Leeds. Or launching into corrective tirades at empty corporate promises like the ones above. I’ve a fiery obsession just short of pedantry that’s equalled only by humanity’s poisonous addiction to obscuring things with needless complexity.

Luckily for us, what almost suffocated me propelled my escape from corporate mediocrity, and set a course for self-employment to put things right again.

Let’s rid the world of meaningless drivel

If you need something to be understood then say it simply and clearly. That’s how I help you. With carefully considered copywriting and photography I seek new creative challenges that build on what I believe in.

Untangling what you want to say is fulfilment for me. I shuffle and scrutinise words and pictures with scientific diligence until I craft exactly the right words and pictures you need to express your message.

If I earn some pocket-money doing what I love then that’s a bonus. I hope to develop a sustainable business in Leeds that’s just the right size, so I can spend more time tending to my veggie patch or hanging out with John Steinbeck and Laurie Lee.

My career before I went freelance

Early Adopter and National Strategic Resource Lead, NHS Gateway programme, Leeds

Helping people work together on a whizz-bang national website with all sorts of crazy new technology to help make their lives easier.

Writing Plain English, Plain English Campaign

Recognised training from an independent group fighting for crystal-clear communication.

Functional Analyst, NHS HealthSpace, Leeds

Exciting times designing user interfaces and mastering how best to present information on web pages using the art of information architecture.

Information Systems Manager, Universatile Net Centres Limited, Leeds

I spotted a room full of shiny technology that was gathering dust. “Let me make that work harder for you” I said. The rest is history, building productive websites for customers.

Gig photographer, safeconcerts.com

Dodging missiles and beer to capture spectacular performances at live events like Latitude festival, the NME tour and Beach Break Live.

Content Manager, NHS HealthSpace, Leeds

Where I cut my teeth as a copywriter, learning how to write clear and simple copy for web sites. I was given the keys to their content management system as copywriter, image-creator and news-writer.

Qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner

Industry standard qualification for running complicated projects.

Technical Project Analyst, Bloom Media, Leeds

In at the deep end at an agency, juggling three or four big projects at once from proposal right through to delivery with a team over a thousand miles away who spoke another language. Tricky.

Information Systems BSc (Hons), University of Leeds, School of Computing

Three academic years studying how to get the right information to humans. I specialised in usability and people in cooperative systems, which as it turns out was a pretty wise choice.

Education event photographer, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

Inspiring reportage photography of creative events for the education department of the UK’s largest open-air art venue.

Take advantage of all this experience

(And pedantic rage). Send me a message below or call 07796 118308