Flexible copywriting to tight deadlines

For full-service marketing agencies

Freelance copywriting for a full-service agency is as tricky as it gets

You need someone who isn’t intimidated by tight deadlines, respectful of the big brand work ethic (exceedingly patient) and creative under pressure. It’s sink or swim when a client wants two hundred pages of brand guidelines transformed into a coherent tone of voice that’s both funny yet serious and simple but unpatronising, isn’t it?

Thankfully, that’s exactly the sort of environment where I earned my stripes as a copywriter over the last 10 years, so I’m used to both sides of the fence (as well sitting on it as an account manager for two years).

In that time my copywriting has made waves for both boutique digital agencies in Leeds and the UK. As well as one of the biggest brands on the planet: the NHS.

These days my bread and butter is freelance digital copy for local, SMEs in Leeds and Yorkshire but I still crave the occasional creative ambush from a full-service agency – if you fancy leaping out from the undergrowth clutching a blood-stained brief.

If it’s picking up a project at short-notice and distilling its brand essence into punchy, clear and compelling copy which complies with even the most dictatorial style guide you need, I’m the freelance copywriter for the job. Agencies say I’m really dependable too (but in an imaginative way).

Perhaps you read my surreptitious words in the pioneering taste adventure that is Browns restaurant’s flagship christmas menu? Or soaked up catchy copy I’ve written for Shell and First Direct ads. I also penned the copy that talked up a synonymous relationship between 4x4 vehicles and Isuzu’s Big Weekend of rugby – proof you can achieve anything with imagination and crafty tone of voice.

That’s enough name-dropping for now.

Add me to your roster of freelance copywriters

Sadly, pesky NDAs with the agencies who’ve hired me as a freelance copywriter mean I’m not allowed to flaunt a hackneyed list of greyed-out big brand logos. But send me a message below with your brief and I’ll dig out some samples from my portfolio, plus specialties and that all-important day rate.