A gentle push in the right direction

A gentle push in the right direction
Kensei Media home page

Kensei’s home page

Hesitance is the enemy of successful marketing. Instead you must be decisive and focused to convince people to choose you.

That’s why Kensei Media invited me to write web copy that promotes their online video and media publishing platform. As well as bring the extra insight and momentum they needed to introduce their product and appeal to potential customers.

Like Kensei, you too will benefit from my outcome-focused and empathetic copy which enthuses about your product or service. It’s written clearly and simply in a style that’s easy to understand and motivates the reader towards your specific goal.

Kensei Media features page

Copywriting for Kensei Media’s features page

From the start we decisively shifted focus onto specific customers; busy directors at small agencies. They want quick solutions and value their reputation which I echoed in the home page copy.

Kensei Media pricing page

Copywriting for Kensei Media’s pricing page

That promise is constantly reinforced with benefits translated into positive results that customers understand.


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