Fresh muffins cooked on a bus

Fresh muffins cooked on a bus

Can you imagine the looks of confusion and disbelief if you started cooking muffins on your daily commute? While the delicious scent of roasted oats and gooey raspberries may temporarily placate hungry commuters, any respite would surely be negated by messy cornering, lack of basic cooking facilities and an understandably irate bus driver.

Of course, that particular hypothetical culinary nightmare doesn’t apply to my new friends at HALE (Health Action Local Engagement) and their new mobile outreach venue: it’s way more than just a bus. HALE promote healthy living and the well-being of local people and communities in the surrounding areas of Shipley and Saltaire near Bradford in West Yorkshire. And when their mobile outreach venue is parked up with awning extended it becomes a powerful platform for hosting events right smack bang in the middle of their local community.

The brief

HALE have invested in a fully refurbished (former) bus, kitted out with catering appliances, a comfortable lounge area, bathroom and private consultation room. It’ll be offered as a mobile ready-made venue complete with trained driver to other public, private and voluntary organisations.

I was approached by HALE to deliver high-quality, professional photographs which advertise the unique facilities offered by their outreach vehicle to potential clients who may wish to hire it. These photographs will be used as marketing material in web and print (brochures, flyers). After a pre-shoot meeting with HALE, I distilled the essence of the brief into three important facets of the outreach venue which we agreed the photography should portray:

  • Much more than just a bus: a platform for positive engagement in community locations
  • Multi-purpose, flexible and well-equipped: a space rich in features
  • Conducive to a community space: fosters energy and interaction

To give us the best variety of photographs and to stay true to HALE‘s mission, we plumped for a real-life, hands-on activity session with cooking, exercise, education and crafts all captured with my documentary-style reportage photography.

The photographs

Only three working days later, I hand delivered a CD stuffed with countless energetic and inspiring photographs which met that brief. Below are a few photographs and I think they’re testament to the lovely fun bunch of people HALE are to work with. And as I write this, the photographs are already working their magic on their outreach venue brochure page.


  1. Awesome photos Chris. I couldn’t have done better myself. Well, actually…!

  2. Thank your for the comments on HALE. It’s a great charity and I love working for them. Your photos are so dynamic and have captured the essence of what we hope to do with the bus.Thank you

  3. Pleasure was all mine – we had fun that sunny winter morning.

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