Show real-life stories behind your business

Show real-life stories behind your business

People choose you above your competitors because they identify with what you stand for. And authentic photography for marketing is one of the most effective ways to build that connection.

When Ecology building society asked me to refresh their image library they gained photographs which more accurately reflect their mission to support responsible building projects with ethically-led savings and mortgages.

My unobtrusive photojournalistic style meant Ecology building society secured truthful photos of relaxed and engaged customers. And honest images like these appeal to new customers who share similar lifestyle values and identify with real-life stories articulated through photography.

To gain photos like these of Crosslanes Organic Farm you need a freelance photographer who anticipates each valuable shot. And to do that I always keep your vision for powerful and persuasive photography in mind.

You’ll find photographs from Ecology building society’s newly refreshed image library working hard online, in case studies and in national publications like The Independent.

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