Hello (again)

Because this is again, isn’t it? Maybe we crossed paths on Twitter, LinkedIn, or real-life. Now you’re stalking me - wondering what we have in common.

So let’s find out, shall we...

I'm Chris. I'm a coach

I help people like you tap into your more playful, resourceful, less serious side(s). And together, we launch experiments, careers, books, businesses, projects and adventures - whatever change you really (really) want.

Through coaching, we'll subvert the seriousness of failure, and the inevitable decay of everything we know and love. We'll defy total planetary collapse, doing our bit to create socially and environmentally useful outcomes.

If you're all tangled up in seriousness or the business of doing business, my coaching is blissful relief through levity.

It's space with someone who gets you. Space to work things out. So you feel freer, more inspired, and make progress on whatever matters most.

I coach individuals like you in live, 1-to-1 coaching sessions

Either remotely or in-person

I suppose I'm a life coach, business coach and career coach all in one. When you think about it, there is no division. Existance is a big, messy inter-related blob.

Let's make finding your place within it interesting again.

What people I've coached say

“I hadn’t realised that I’d really hit a wall”
“You helped tune me in to notice more of the things I kind of knew but hadn’t yet fully grasped”
“A down to earth, listen-first approach: no prejudice”

I’m a coach. Not infallible

It's all very well me posting glowing testimonials, and words like coaching is "space with someone who gets you" - but how does that actually benefit you

Well, clients find it reassuring I draw insight from myriad traumatic, testing and life-changing experiences. They help me coach you. And I share my lucky-escapes and misdemeanours not to look good (quite the opposite): they prove I’m just as flawed and human as the rest of us.

  • Making sense of nonsense. Software engineering taught me how to untangle a mess into manageable simplicity. Very handy with the knots you might tie yourself in.
  • Building businesses from scratch. Isolation. Grit. Fear. Weirdo clients. Self-employed freelancing was a baptism of fire. I survived (barely).
  • Failing, failing and sporadic success. In stand-up comedy, public speaking, jobs, relationships and countless crackpot DIY projects in dusty subterranean grottos.
  • Navigating careers. From small tech-startups, via SMEs, to hideously overbearing organisations, then a spell at an inner-city school for naughty kids. I get around.
  • (Mis)adventures. From half-arsed triathlete to sasquatch-seeker in the wilds of the Pacific North-West. Find me on frequent forays into field and forest.
  • Mastering how to get a point across. As an ex-copywriter/photog, and reinvented marketing tech-creative. Handy for articulating your cause; reaching and enlightening the right people.
  • Re-engineering life. It took a while, but now I walk-the-walk when it comes to doing vs. saying. Fancy the same?
  • Escaping 9-5 corporate servitude. Meet a former drone from the world's most ambitious and doomed IT project. Let’s talk freedom and control.
  • Hob-nobbing with leaders. Chancing it in global culture change and wellbeing, I gleaned a lot from big-thinkers in shifting behaviour.
  • Finding focus. I’m a reforming, restless achiever, with all the baggage and benefits that brings. I’ve battled to discern what matters most, and focus our efforts there.

Curious about coaching?

OK, so you like the sound of this random bloke on the internet, Chris, who calls himself a coach. What now?

Well, we'll see what you're up against first. If I can help, we'll schedule a proper coaching session. Not a taster or discovery. The real thing.

If that works for us both, we can talk about what extra support you'd like.

In a typical coaching session we'll get to grips with where you're at, how life is, and what you'd like to focus on.

Next, (with my artful support) you dream-up your future, your options, and pick something to aim for. 

Finally, we agree what action you want to take, what's in the way, and how I can support you through that.

Clients say my coaching is honest, vulnerable, funny, profound, edgy, deep, compassionate and curious.

Through coaching, the impossible soon feels do-able. And breakthroughs happen on fronts you’ve battled with, perhaps alone, for years. 

Coaching turns whatever you dare dream-up into real-life, grubby-fingered projects, decisions and change. Always on your terms.

It’s not about mind-tricks or quick-fixes. I think you’ve already got what it takes to get where you want to be.

And it’s my business to help you make sense of that, and prove it, by tapping into your natural brilliance.

What GOT you out of bed this morning?

Today someone honest and capable woke up and shit got in the way. Not literally. I mean endless distractions from without or within; sapping confidence, pushing you around like you’re not good enough, pinching big ideas and telling fibs - forever misdirecting you from what matters most. 

That’s before you even got round to saving humanity from itself...

It’s a situation I know well. That’s why I threw everything into coaching people like you. We’ll create the focus and clarity you deserve, putting new momentum and soul in your livelihood. So there's less shit, and more of what really matters.

Now I’m curious: what will you bring to our conversation?

Some new ways to look at old problems

Still loitering?

  • Fannying around on the sidelines? Procrastinating? Stalking me? Resolving that one of these days you’ll finally get to grips with what’s holding you back, once-and-for-all... What are you waiting for? Hire a coach.

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