Chris Kenworthy

Freelance copywriter in Leeds
& PR event photographer

I’ll help you cultivate the right kind of clients

Especially in IT and software development

Together, we’ll find your voice and tell your story to the people who matter – with clear, purposeful copywriting for websites, case studies and B2B marketing.

Clear, purposeful copy

Brand copywriting that attracts clients to what you do best and what you stand for.

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Tone of voice design

Give your brand consistency with a unique sounding voice that connects deeply with clients.

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Insightful case studies

Stories to engage people in your way of working, putting you front-of-mind with clients.

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IT consultancy? Software dev or tech company?

I’m a techie, analyst and programmer by trade, which comes in handy when it comes to promoting what you do best

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What’s this guy all about?

Read about my self-appointed mission to rid the world of unintelligible business-speak.

What happens when you hire a freelance copywriter

We live in an age of ready-made, quick-fix solutions. You want to get from A-to-B? Buy this car. Need a coat? Buy this one off-the-peg. But what happens if the thing you need most doesn't exist? What if the solution to your problem can't be commoditised and stacked on...

I can’t decide which I love more: copywriting or copyediting

Invite me to edit your copy and you’re not just asking for clearer words. You’re really asking for help expressing yourself and a deep sense of relief.

3 ways to make your IT sales proposal stand out

Are you industrialising your sales pitches for indiscriminate growth? Or cultivating the right kind of clients and projects for your IT business? If it’s the latter, absorb my advice for writing better IT proposals.

PR and commercial event photography in Leeds

Natural, engaging photos of your inspiring conference and events
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