Hello you.

I’m Chris. I help overburdened doers enjoy the here-and-now more, and a life with more feel-good.

If you feel restless or dissatisfied - you’re in the right place. Because I help people like you craft a career or way of life that’s more joyful, varied and less relentless.

My clients come to me facing overwhelm, inertia, demotivation, procrastination, and indecision. Once we’ve worked together though, they feel clearer, more hopeful and motivated about their future. 

Here you’ll discover what it’s like having me around, and your options if you’d like to explore working together.

Hello. I'm Chris Kenworthy.

I’m a certified transformative coach and an improviser of unscripted comedy and drama, as well as a DIY nerd, dog-father and Yorkshire hippy. I'm also a former freelance copywriter & photographer and I live in Leeds (UK).

I coach individuals in one-to-one coaching sessions, and facilitate group workshops on connection and communication using improv and Authentic Relating.

ILM level 5 certificate in effective coaching and mentoring
Certified physical intelligence coach

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Listen to my podcast

On my audio blog we take an idea or problem for a walk - usually in the woods somewhere. Join me as we find new ways to look at old problems, and share insights and reflections from life and my latest adventures in improv or heart-felt hippy stuff. 

How we can work play together

[Clear Space]

Spark ideas.

Solve problems.

Stimulate creativity.

AN immersive, one-to-one session in nature, to make breakthroughs on just about anything

One-to-one coaching

A 3-6 month personalised coaching programme for individuals. This is coaching to bring about change or improvement on a particular challenge you face in your career, business or relationships.

Improv Co-Lab Leeds

I host regular play sessions for improvisers of comedy and drama in Leeds, keen to get more practice. With themed sessions and day-long workshops with guest teachers; we bring the principles and practice of improv to life.

Authentic improvisation

A new workshop to help you out of your head and back into more natural improvisation

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If you’re anything like me, your internal wiring goes something like: [feel impulse —> get on doing something about it]. If we’re lucky we manage that before our heads think us out of it.

So this is a newsletter for people like us, and how we relate to the world. I only send once or twice a month, with the best highlights from my podcast, thoughtful articles and invitations to play in real-life.

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