Hello (again)

Because this is again, isn’t it? Maybe we crossed paths on Twitter or LinkedIn, or real-life. Now you’re stalking me - wondering what we have in common.

So let’s find out, shall we...

I'm Chris. I'm a coach

I help green changemakers create clear, meaningful futures where people and planet thrive.

Some run their own business, others are freelancers or employed. What they all have in common is they’re at a point of change, ready to try something radical to put more soul in their livelihood, and finally bring that big unrealised dream to life.

And that something is coaching.

I coach these individuals in one-to-one coaching sessions, either remotely or face-to-face.

What about you?

You’re principled

And driven to do the right thing for people and planet. Maybe responsibility and stewardship are your thing. Perhaps you want to make a difference, secretly eyeing up your legacy (however daft that sounds). 

People say you’re talented, capable

Meaning the stakes are high, expectations higher. You're into myriad hobbies, interests, and turn your hand to anything (making choosing all the harder). 

The ‘E-word’ may (not) apply

But perhaps you do nurture an entrepreneurial-spirit. You're an achiever, but prone to getting in your own way (with storylines that aren’t always true or helpful...). Maybe you’re a natural thinker too, but know it’s only action that counts.

Perhaps you feel exasperated

By our sluggish response to climate change, when clearly it's our only priority. Because if we fix that, we fix every other monstrous injustice too.

You straddle logic and creativity

Yet identify as neither. Maybe you're at your best with the two in balance, at your worst lurching heavily towards one or the other. 

Conforming isn't your thing

You're no loner, just often on the sidelines of mainstream looking in. Maybe you witness humanity's best and worst, wondering ‘what the f*ck have we done now you fascinating, frustrating mess’?

What it's like being coached

In principle, coaching is simple: space to think with someone who gets you, deeply.

In practice, it’s radical - transforming your career, business and life.

It's about delving into the nuts and bolts of your world - what you’re all about and dream of becoming.

It shakes up old ways of thinking, so you meet big challenges with bold plans and braver ambition.

Coaching turns whatever you dare dream-up into real-life, grubby-handed projects, choices and change.

Clients never forget the profound, provocative and powerful moments it creates. When you realise what

matters most and what you’re truly capable of. With coaching, the impossible soon feels do-able. And breakthroughs happen on fronts you’ve battled with alone, for years.

It’s not about mind-tricks or quick-fixes. I think you’ve already got what it takes to get where you want to be.

And it’s my business to help you make sense of that, and prove it, by tapping into your natural brilliance.

With coaching, everything changes with the right question. Maybe it’s time you answered?

*just waiting for permission

Who I've helped recently

A content writer

Feel more confident about what they offer, and how to relate that to their ideal clients at work.

A business coach

Tell a more concise, emotive story that resonates deeply with an audience during public speaking.

A graphic designer

Put more of their genuine self, plus clarity and feeling into their messaging and marketing.

A software engineer

Reposition their agency, so it's the kind of cause dream clients get behind, on a quest to change the world.

A marketing consultant

Discover what they stand for, and articulate that more clearly, so they're a more authentic leader in teams.

What now?

  • Discover my story and see if we’re a good fit.
  • Listen to my curious podcast, steeped in whimsy and half-arsed philosophising.
  • Keep fannying around on the sidelines; procrastinating, stalking, resolving that one of these days you’ll finally get to grips with what’s holding you back, once-and-for-all.

Or how about this...

Let's explore what it’d be like to work together, and finally put some meaning and momentum back into your life, career or business.

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