I get it: you need to know what you really want from your business or career. Perhaps that’s a life where fun stuff; adventures and your myriad interests get attention too (just like all the serious stuff does now).

But to do that something must change, though you’re not sure what (or how). It’s like playing by the rules got you this far, but the old ways don’t work so well anymore.

Perhaps you’re not in control. Or restless, like something’s missing or not quite right. At best, it’s a kind of neutral feeling, at worst; overwhelm - like you’re lost, stuck, or left behind even.

I get this too. And I’ve a love/hate relationship with change, uncertainty and the inevitable discomfort that new beginnings (and endings) invite. 

Yet, something I’ve noticed on my travels is us humans have a natural flair for adapting and thriving, whatever happens next. You might not feel that way now. But I trust you can (and will) surprise yourself…

Here's my invitation to you

Perhaps this particular adventure of yours is already underway. Here you are after all, curious about something: you… me… the future?

So I invite you to scope out what I offer to help you below. And begin rediscovering a life, business or career with ample room for adventures, hobbies and all those passions and possibilities of yours.

Hello. I'm Chris, a qualified coach

People say coaching with me is attentive, immersive and edgy. I draw on curiosity, intuition and improv to guide you towards what you really want. This suits people like us and what we’re up against; like not knowing, coming of age (30/40/50), or elusive plans for your small business or career. 

Emotional and physical intelligence feature too. We tune into (and influence) the body as an antidote to thinking. So your ideas and tricky decisions turn into action and adventures sooner.

Perfectionist by trade, improviser by design; I know what it’s like wrestling freedom and control. Personality matters too. So we’ll map a growth path to help you lead yourself, wherever you need to go.

Freelance copywriting and photography taught me clarity and expression; focus on what really matters. I’m a DIY junkie who loves the outdoors; maybe you're a hands-on, creative type too? We learn through doing, feeling and experiencing our way forwards.

How I help and what I offer

Life coaching is about the best description for what I do. Usually that means I help people with challenges in business, career, work, leadership, creative projects as well as personal life and relationships. We work through whatever you bring, wherever you'd like to see a difference.

Start 5

A 3-6 month one-to-one coaching programme to prompt change or improvement in some area of life; like a business, career or project that’s causing you discomfort.


Try this playful, one-off session to get things moving again if you feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated with a grand plan, project or something more specific. Makes life more effortless and fulfilling.

Micro pokes

A series of provocative challenges to re-awaken your inner pirate, robot and ninja. Works especially well with (over)thinkers, or anyone prone to second-guessing yourself...

What you gain from coaching with me

It's all very well me sharing favourable testimonials, and fuzzy clichés like coaching is "space with someone who gets you" - how does my coaching benefit you?

Well, people find it reassuring I draw on myriad traumatic, testing and life-changing experiences. So they, you, feel supported. Below, are some lucky-escapes and misdemeanours to show I’m just as imperfect and human as your good self.

  • Making sense of nonsense. Software engineering taught me how to untangle a mess into manageable simplicity. Very handy with the knots you might tie yourself in.
  • Building businesses from scratch. Isolation. Grit. Fear. Weirdo clients. Self-employed freelancing was a baptism of fire. I survived (barely).
  • Failing, failing and sporadic success. In stand-up comedy, public speaking, jobs, relationships and countless crackpot DIY projects in dusty subterranean grottos.
  • Navigating careers. From small tech-startups, via SMEs, to hideously overbearing organisations, then a spell at an inner-city school for naughty kids. I get around.
  • (Mis)adventures. From half-arsed triathlete to sasquatch-seeker in the wilds of the Pacific North-West. Find me on frequent forays into field and forest.
  • Mastering how to get a point across. As an ex-copywriter/photog, and reinvented marketing tech-creative. Handy for articulating your cause; reaching and enlightening the right people.
  • Re-engineering life. It took a while, but now I walk-the-walk when it comes to doing vs. saying. Fancy the same?
  • Escaping 9-5 corporate servitude. Meet a former drone from the world's most ambitious and doomed IT project. Let’s talk freedom and control.
  • Hob-nobbing with bigwigs. Chancing it in global culture change, leadership and wellbeing, I gleaned a lot from big-thinkers in shifting behaviour.
  • Finding focus. I’m a reforming, restless achiever, with all the baggage and benefits that brings. I’ve battled to discern what matters most, and focus our efforts there.

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  • Feel closer to people you have stuff in common with (well, at least one).
  • Discover wisdom you already have (and dare you to do something with it).  

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