​Hello (again)

Because this is again, isn’t it? Maybe we crossed paths on Twitter or LinkedIn, or real-life. Now you’re stalking me - wondering what we have in common.

So let’s find out, shall we...

​I'm Chris. I'm a coach

​I help practically-minded do-ers, makers and thinkers find their place in the world.

Some work in the creative and tech industries. Some run their own business, others are freelancers or employed.

​Often, they struggle to define their place in a world they feel at odds with. They tell me they feel lost or stuck; like they’re not realising their true potential.

They’re principled, honest, capable folk too. Ready to try something different to get where they need to be.

I coach these individuals in one-to-one coaching sessions, either remotely or face-to-face.

​What it's like ​to have me as your coach

When I coach, we’re always asking what’s really going on here, wondering what really makes you tick - in your stories and the beliefs you hold dear.

We laugh at anything too stuffy or serious, yet always stay committed and curious.

A coach is like a trusted ​confidant, a sage mentor or guide. You get the undivided attention of someone who knows your pain, to talk freely to, about whatever ​troubles you professionally. 

​It’s as fun, experimental and life-changing as you want it to be.

My clients always come away from coaching sessions with a better grasp of what they stand for, their value, and how to ​express that to the world. ​

So life, work and projects start to feel more meaningful again.

​*just waiting for ​permission

​Recently, my coaching helped:

​A content writer

​Feel more confident about what they offer, and how to relate that to their ideal clients at work.

​A business coach

​Tell a more concise, emotive story that ​resonates deeply with ​an audience during public speaking.

​A graphic designer

​Put more of their genuine self, plus ​clarity and feeling into their messaging and marketing.

​A software engineer

​Reposition their ​agency, so it's the kind of cause dream clients get behind, on ​a quest to change the world.

​A marketing ​consultant

​Discover what they stand for, and articulate that more clearly, so they're a more authentic leader in teams.

Ready to ​focus on what really matters? 

​And realise your true potential?

  • ​Read my latest rants and ruminations for insight and new ways to look at old problems.
  • ​Discover what makes Chris tick to see if we’re a good fit. ​Try my curious ​urban-explorer podcast, steeped in whimsy and half-arsed philosophising
  • ​Keep fannying around on the sidelines; procrastinating, stalking, resolving that one of these days you’ll finally get to grips with what’s holding you back, once-and-for-all.


​How about this...

​Let's explore what it’d be like to work together, and finally put some meaning and momentum back into your life, career or business.

Just apply for a coaching place below and we’ll take it from there.

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