Chris Kenworthy

Copywriting coach & insight engineer in Leeds
I help creative people with small businesses like yours turn your stories and expertise into valuable insight for marketing.

So you gain more meaningful work with your ideal clients.

You’re not the first person to wonder whether there’s more to running a business than this. Maybe work doesn’t excite you anymore. Or you’re unsure which direction to take.

I know exactly how you feel

I hid from reality in my basement, pretending there wasn’t a problem. I did any old work to pay the bills. Meanwhile the world passed me by, leaving worthlessness and deep existential despair in its wake. 

Worst of all though – my expertise wasn’t in the service of people who needed it most.

Everyone deserves purpose

The secret to creative fulfilment is all around you. It’s in the stories you live, the craft you’re mastering, and the people you help. All things you probably take for granted. You just need to articulate this more clearly to the right people.

That’s where I come in. It’s my job to reconnect you with your story, value and expertise using my special powers of copywriting.

We’ll define what you stand for, but more importantly express that in a way that’s useful to your ideal clients. So they can’t help but feel drawn to collaborate with you.

Soon you’ll feel more motivated, confident, and freer to focus on being your best

All in the service of your ideal clients

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