Chris Kenworthy

Certified transformative coach. Dog father. Improviser. Former copywriter & photographer. DIY nerd. Yorkshire hippy. Freelancer.

Hello. I’m Chris. I’m a do-er. I enjoy getting on with things, like you maybe. Not in a mega-busy-stressed way - I’m just practical and driven. I like progress.

Problem is I’m prone to getting swept along on waves of doing. 

Tasks multiply exponentially. Obligations soon loom heavy in the swell. And like these salty metaphors; like the tide, my momentum can quickly pull me out of my depth.

Sound familiar?

All this doing can leave us feeling a bit listless

Momentum is a good word for the sensation of relentless doing. 

I feel pulled, like I’m tipping forwards. There’s urgency, even in rest(lessness) - my body and brain racing ahead.

For people like us, endless predictable to-do lists can be coping or avoiding, in disguise. Like my intense three-year basement renovation project, in lieu of career change.

Wary of plans and planning? Do you too wilfully lose yourself in head-down, hands-on execution? Often at the expense of the big picture (and bigger questions lurking there).

Without doing, does rot set in? 

On the barren grey plains of corporate employment in my 20s, I had virtually nothing to do. Worse: I was paid well for it. That too felt profoundly dissatisfying.

Healthier doing for people like us

I’m just curious: what about all the other feel-good stuff that makes life (and work) worth living? And all our other very human needs like variety, curiosity and fun. 

I’m remembering that joy, play and connection are priorities for me. Alongside my responsibilities to others. I want to honour the lot - freedom and commitment.

Because that’s the kind of people we are.

Where I'm up to with all this

At middle-age my body can’t sustain relentless doing like it has in the past. Even if I force it. I’m exploring that too, without the midlife crisis (ideally).

These days I’m into improvised comedy and drama, blending its lessons with coaching, work and life. Like slowing down, lower expectations, presence in the movement, feeling moved, and following the fun. 

These things help me.

What about you?

Ask about coaching

Did any of that sound familiar? If you got this far there’s a good chance it did. Perhaps you’re my kind of person. I get you.

Anyway, enough about me (or was it you...?).

What you gain from coaching with me

It's all very well me sharing favourable testimonials, and fuzzy clichés like coaching is "space with someone who gets you" - how does my coaching benefit you?

Well, people find it reassuring I draw on myriad traumatic, testing and life-changing experiences. So they, you, feel supported. Below, are some lucky-escapes and misdemeanours to show I’m just as imperfect and human as your good self.

  • Making sense of nonsense. Software engineering taught me how to untangle a mess into manageable simplicity. Very handy with the knots you might tie yourself in.
  • Building businesses from scratch. Isolation. Grit. Fear. Weirdo clients. Self-employed freelancing was a baptism of fire. I survived (barely).
  • Failing, failing and sporadic success. In stand-up comedy, public speaking, jobs, relationships and countless crackpot DIY projects in dusty subterranean grottos.
  • Navigating careers. From small tech-startups, via SMEs, to hideously overbearing organisations, then a spell at an inner-city school for naughty kids. I get around.
  • (Mis)adventures. From half-arsed triathlete to sasquatch-seeker in the wilds of the Pacific North-West. Find me on frequent forays into field and forest.
  • Mastering how to get a point across. As an ex-copywriter/photog, and reinvented marketing tech-creative. Handy for articulating your cause; reaching and enlightening the right people.
  • Re-engineering life. It took a while, but now I walk-the-walk when it comes to doing vs. saying. Fancy the same?
  • Escaping 9-5 corporate servitude. Meet a former drone from the world's most ambitious and doomed IT project. Let’s talk freedom and control.
  • Hob-nobbing with bigwigs. Chancing it in global culture change, leadership and wellbeing, I gleaned a lot from big-thinkers in shifting behaviour.
  • Finding focus. I’m a reforming, restless achiever, with all the baggage and benefits that brings. I’ve battled to discern what matters most, and focus our efforts there.

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