I'm Chris. I'm a coach.

This one’s for my kind of people. You achievers, perfectionists, thinkers, questioners, do-ers and makers.

Conscientious, driven, principled - it’s people like us who get things done.

Yet it comes at a cost: all that responsibility

It’s a real buzzkill sometimes, right?

I’m talking about our tendency to act sensible, professional and take charge of everything. To be that serious grown-up person.

All. The. Time.

I’m no longer sure it’s sustainable. I’ve done 40 years, and quite frankly, I’m ready for change.

Perhaps you too have a love/hate (well, mainly hate) relationship with uncertainty?

There's something especially uncomfortable about not knowing for people like us. Fear: of making mistakes, losing control, showing weakness, the future. I’m not sure (!) - it all feels a bit tangled.

Maybe you’re here now because you’ve noticed that old habits, perpetuated by this way of thinking, are getting in the way.

Perhaps you’ve plateaued in your career or business? Words like drifting, lost or stuck come to mind. Or something’s missing. And you feel tired, frustrated or overwhelmed. 

Yet your ambition bellows, from the dark depths of the soul. I know how desperately you want to make a difference. I’ve languished down there too. I’ve been known to spend the odd weekend there, still.

Are you curious about new ways to meet uncertainty, change and seriousness?

Because that’s one possible journey ahead for us. Maybe you’re already a fellow traveller?

Let’s spare the violins but I’ve tried sensible routes to ‘success’. I did the high-expectation, anxiety-inducing middle-class childhood thing. I tried 9-5 corporate servitude as well. Even self-employed loafing didn’t work. Nor did hiding in a subterranean lair.

I’d like a little more fun, and levity please. Adventure. What about you?

Intuition tells me there are looser, imperfect, more playful ways of living out there. Ways to commit to what we care about (like people and planet), and complement that pesky, habitual seriousness that can get the better of us.

How about this for a hypothetical invitation?

For me, there’s something about irreverence, subversion, play, spontaneity, imperfection, emergence and humour, in all this. 

Perhaps they’re missing, or we need more? Maybe they’re the antidote to excess grown-up seriousness?

I don’t know the answer. And frankly, if you’re looking for 5-step quick-fixes... Well, that’s not our way, is it?

All I do know is there’s no one right way. Only your way. Messy, uncertain and unknowable as it will likely be.

So there’s your invitation.

Join us. Find your way. With others who see the world like we do. 

Would a little support and accountability help? 

Of course I threw that in there. What else do you expect? I’m a coach.

Apply for a coaching place

Did any of that sound familiar? If you got this far there’s a good chance it did. Perhaps you’re my kind of person. I get you.

Anyway, enough about me (or was it you...?).

What’s your story? Where shall we go next?

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