Hello. I'm Chris.

I help like-hearted people get playful and curious about a fuller experience of life.

If I had a magic wand, I'd make it OK to play, have fun, and feel all the feels without judgement, fear or shame. It’d be a world where you’re enough as you already are. 

No need to try so hard.

About Chris

Until I find that magic wand, I’ll keep helping humans have fun, edgy, profound yet comfortable experiences, one-by-one, at group workshop events and individual coaching sessions.

Why I do this

I’m prone to overdoing, overthinking and under-feeling. I had to mature fast as a youngster, with high expectations, big responsibilities and low support. 

So I’ve spent a long time being serious. Up and on it. Grown-up. Maybe even a bit grumpy.

Can you relate?

Of course, the world needs responsible adults to get stuff done. I welcome mine, he’s necessary.

AND I also need the part of me that’s full of wonder, possibility and playfulness. And the sensitive part that’s open to feeling the inevitable highs, lows, and everything in-between. And my mischievous, irreverent inner imp - keeping things fruity.

I believe our natural state is open, curious, joyful, innocent and playful, beneath decades of accumulated noise and distraction.

Not childish, maybe just child-like in spirit. 

When this gets liberated by the kind of work I do, you become the purposeful, caring, creative and wise explorer you always were. At least, that’s been my journey so far - exploring the whole range of human-ing.

What parts do you recognise in yourself? Which parts do you need more or less of?

How I got here

When I lead groups, we often do a Mihimihi greeting game. So let’s play…

My mountain is perfectionism - rule-abiding uptightness about doing what’s right, fair and good. It helped me survive a stereotypically bleak (albeit safe) northern childhood, and a fairly violent schooling, by keeping my head down, acting sensible, striving and achieving. 

Usually to please anyone but myself. 

Again, can you relate?

Doing what’s right included university, then a traditionally successful IT career in barren grey corporate wastelands, from which I escaped in my late 20s. My 30s were a de-programming - finding ‘right’ on my own terms as a hippy freelance copywriter and photographer.

For a while there I was rich in time and freedom (if not money). I travelled, wrote a book, grew businesses and vegetables, and fell in love. Until middle-age loomed - dissatisfied, disconnected and directionless.

My river is improvisation - the art of unscripted, unplanned comedy and drama through games and performance. This was a coming-home in my 40s - remembering how natural it felt to be spontaneous, kind, positive, creative and plain daft with others. I was new to improv yet somehow my soul knew the tongue.

At about the same time I retrained and qualified as a coach, found direction, support, and contribution in helping people grow, thrive and be their best. I learned how to lead, listen deeply, ask questions, and intuit what’s really going on. 

Another remembering.

Along the way I tried marriage for a time, lost a parent to illness, and picked up my unfair share of aches, pains and self-sabotaging behaviours. 

Plus, I gained a dog.

My tribe is people sparking meaningful change in the world, typically open-hearted business hippies and practitioners. People on their own journeys inward and outward, unafraid of feeling big and having tricky conversations. 

Authentic Relating brings me closer to them - the art of being human. It’s about connecting to yourself and others by expressing what’s true, in the moment. I learned this by accident, and alongside improv, I reckon it probably saved my life. 

Now tell me - what’s your mountain, river and tribe?

Where I'm going

In my mind’s eye, improv, authentic relating and coaching form a golden Venn-diagram of play, connection and curiosity. They constitute my personal philosophy - like a manual on how to human well.

These days I blend their principles and practices, games and exercises, in my workshops, play and coaching. I’m exploring what happens when we lower our defences and reach other humans open to the same.

In 2024 I train to become a Certified Embodiment Coach, integrating how I lead heads, hearts and bodies in my coaching and facilitation. I’ll also undertake my Level 3 leadership training in Authentic Relating, to lead and facilitate transformation in groups, organisations, and communities - like my local improv and authentic relating workshops.

And my guiding mantra on this leg of the journey is follow your bliss - a nod to Joseph Campbell’s route through the essential pain and pleasure of knowing yourself deeply.

For now I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire with an adorable, hairy four-legged terrorist called Laurie.