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Can you imagine how painful coaching would be if one of us turns out to be a robot? Or a brick wall. That's why a responsible coach only says yes to coaching someone when there's a really good fit.

That's what this application is all about.

So now you know: I don't accept everyone as a client.

To get the results you deserve from coaching, there must be common ground. I can only work with the right kind of person, with the right kind of attitude.

Likewise, you need the right kind of coach for your particular challenge. Someone with the right questions, experience and insight to help you get where you want to be.

So enjoy answering the probing questions below. They're for your (and my) own good.

Step 1

Fill in the form below as fully and honestly as you can.

Step 2

If I think I can help, I'll invite you to a coaching session.

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You experience first-hand proof what my coaching can do. No fee. No obligation.

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I won't share your application with anyone, and I usually reply within 48 hours.

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