When life flows effortlessly

That’d be nice wouldn’t it? Adapting as and when things happen, knowing what needs your attention - feeling inspired and motivated, with ample time for R&R.

But right now

Things aren't moving for you

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated? Maybe there’s a grand plan, big change or project that just isn’t progressing? And that’s despite you throwing more time and energy at it, exhausting yourself in the process.

Or perhaps it's ideas, desire and aspirations that get you down - the fact that so few of them ever come to anything...

Does it feel like old habits, obligations to other people, or even you yourself get in the way sometimes?

IT feels like

Something needs to give...

Let’s figure out what, with the Be.Do.Have cycle - a lively, playful process for mapping how us humans continually turn thoughts and ideas into real-life things and change (on a good day).

Meet Be. Do. Have

When life feels effortless and fulfilling again

Be.Do.Have suggests life is like an ongoing cycle which we can all get stuck in from time to time, at certain junctures. When you know where and why that happens, you're better placed to unstick yourself. So you regain your natural, effortless state that every human has access to.

Together, we’ll explore how Be.Do.Have helps your situation, as it is now, in a single hour-long coaching session.

Why I'm the right guide for you

Chris Kenworthy - accredited coach

I came across a version of Be.Do.Have in Penney Peirce's 'The Intuitive Way' - I've a special interest in using our hearts and gut-feelings as sources of extra information and intelligence to navigate life, as well as our brains.

I flushed with excitement when Be.Do.Have suddenly made sense of my daily struggles with overwhelm, stuckness and general mental and physical well-being. And how these hold me back and get in the way of making and doing things.

Tracing the cycle, I gained perspective on my problems and felt instantly clearer and better about them. It revealed blindspots and elegant ways to progress that don't demand yet more willpower and brute force (in short supply these days). Be.Do.Have gave me a blueprint for a more effortless life, embracing the way things already are.

Now I'm offering you the same. I hope my particular twist on this tool stirs excitement and possibility for you, like it has me.

What you get from your Be.Do.Have session

Friendly, guided exploration

That brings the Be.Do.Have cycle to life for you, your situation and where you are right now.

Gentle coaching

Through how things are (or aren’t) moving for you, and where your options for change are.

Greater sense of freedom, possibility and grit

So you keep making progress after the session, whatever gets in the way.

PLUS: you’ll also get a helpful, easy-read guide to the Be.Do.Have cycle, with practical strategies on unsticking yourself, so life's more effortless and fulfilling. This guide is yours to keep.


Has Be.Do.Have got all the answers?

You have the answers, Be.Do.Have is just one way to help discover what they are. It's like a map to put our lives, and the things that happen to us, into context.

What's this really all about?

Be.Do.Have helps people like us get perspective our day-to-day struggles. Problems like stuckness, overwhelm, when something’s missing or not quite right, neutral feelings, and feeling lost or left behind even.

Be.Do.Have helps me grasp what's really going on, so I can do something about it. If you're my kind of person, I trust it'll help you do the same.

How is Be.Do.Have of any use for me?

The theory goes that once you're familiar with the Be.Do.Have cycle, you start to notice it in your own life. We spot patterns in how we respond to where we are in the cycle, our habits and behaviours. Once you gain that awareness, you have the option to choose to act differently - like letting go of stuff that's come to a natural end instead of resisting or hanging on.

What's in the guide I get?

A recap on what Be.Do.Have is all about, plus tips and tricks that have helped other people get the most out of it. So for example, when you get stuck in doing (brute force), you'll find practical strategies to move you back into being (letting go, welcoming the unknown) again.

How much does this cost? How long does it last?

One session costs £50.00. It lasts for one hour. This happens remotely, online via Zoom web conferencing.

Is life really as simple as this cycle suggests?

Of course not! All conceptual models are wrong, in that they simplify how complicated really life is. Yet by inviting us to step out of that complexity, so we get clearer on what's really going on beneath the detail (perspective), we can step back into the maelstrom of everyday life looking at things differently, and with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

What happens now


Step 1

Pick an available Be.Do.Have session appointment when you can give this your full attention.


Step 2

Reserve and pay for it now, in advance. 

Your booking and payment is handled securely by Stripe using the Meetfox platform.


Step 3

I’ll confirm and send everything you need for your online appointment (including your guide).

You'll get an email and calendar invite confirming our appointment.

How to get the most from your Be.Do.Have session

I recommend you give yourself at least one uninterrupted hour afterwards, to process what came up in our session.

People tell me walking, exercise, or doing something relatively passive (like tidying or cooking) afterwards can help.

Expect more revelations to emerge in the days and weeks after your Be.Do.Have session, as your creativity and intuition do their thing.

Once you recognise the Be.Do.Have cycle in life there's no going back. You spot it everywhere - at work, in relationships, hobbies, the way you feel, how much energy you have. Then it's up to you how you play with it, to make life more effortless.