Coaching New ways to look at old problems

What subversive madness must live through you?

What happens to your ‘other’ sides when your serious side dominates? Where else in life do they inevitably pop up, no matter how hard your serious side tries to repress them?


You grow. I grow. We grow.

Something special for conscientious organisations.


Another podcast by a white, middle-aged, Western man but…

A podcast that’s a rallying point for folk curious about our relationship to the world around us, uncertainty and the future.

New ways to look at old problems Strategies

The cost of overpreparing and the price of presence

Some of us are so hard-coded for failure as an inevitability, we build contingencies for our contingencies. But at what cost?


The hospitality hack to turn inner house party to inner calm

Does your inner world sometimes feel like an illegal rave? Is there a lot going on ‘in there’? Here’s how focusing helps me find calm.