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20 questions to ask when organising your time

A handy list to accompany my recent audio blog about getting round to what matters, joyfully – beyond simple productivity. The idea is you ask yourself these, to help you decide what really matters.

I use variations of these when I think/feel/sense my way through my week ahead, figuring out what needs to be done, and where to focus my dwindling energy/f*cks.

  1. What do I really care about?
  2. Where am I needed, right now?
  3. How do others fit into all this?
  4. Where am I in the midst of cycles or repeating patterns?
  5. Where’s the fun, joy, play?
  6. What feels right?
  7. How have I checked in with my head, heart and body about this?
  8. What’s on my mind? Where’s my mood today?
  9. What scope is there here for getting things wrong?
  10. What’s expected of me? What do I expect of myself?
  11. How do I feel about doing this, over this?
  12. Where’s the self-care in all this?
  13. What’s the story I’m telling myself?
  14. What would shift my mood/state, right here and now?
  15. What am I saying “no” to, if I say “yes” to this?
  16. What does “letting go” mean?
  17. What will not get done, regardless?
  18. What’s the least I can do, to make the biggest difference?
  19. What would I rather be doing?
  20. What other questions do I want to ask myself?







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