“A down to earth, listen-first approach: no prejudice”

“Initially I enlisted the services of Chris to help with some formalised copywriting for the team, but that task became more of a process for understanding blockers and evolved into a much more valuable service articulating the culture of the business and instilling it in how we pitch clients, onboard them and manage ongoing relationships in better way.”

“Inviting Chris into the business felt like a weight off me and gave me a level of separation from the team to focus on my other managing director responsibilities while he worked with the team to develop their skills.

“A few weeks into the process I saw a change in the team – they were more engaged in their projects and more confident.

“Chris really got under the skin of the business and took time to learn about the people he was working with, it was not a one size fits all approach.

“Writing is so closely linked to confidence and whatever headspace you are in and Chris is really able to engage with people on a level to mould this into a positive thing.

“Chris’s approach was perfect for our little agency, a down to earth listen first approach no prejudice he just came in listened, built an understanding and helped the team to find a better means to communicate.

“The change to the business we were and the one we are now is huge, our value as people and as an agency proposition has increased and we are all far more empowered to do our jobs better.”

H is the MD of a small creative agency who champion local, independent venues and creative communities of people. 






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