Another podcast by a white, middle-aged, Western man but…

A podcast that’s a rallying point for folk curious about our relationship to the world around us, uncertainty and the future.

Right on trend, this white, middle-aged, Western man has launched a podcast. Yet in a refreshing departure from convention I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. 

Or get rich quick.

Or solve some problem. 

Or vomit unsolicited explanations and strategies. Like so many other blokey ‘experts’ indulging their egos in laryngeal masturbation. There’s far too much of that tiresome bilge slopping about the floor of your favourite podcast app.

Nah. This new podcast goes deeper than that.

Welcome to The pessimist’s guide to a hopeful future

A podcast that’s a rallying point for folk like you (not just white middle age Westerners). Curious about your relationship to the world around you, uncertainty and the future – the universe beyond our myopic, occasionally warped worldviews. 

For 30-40 minutes per episode, you’ll enter a warm, colourful padded cell. One frequented by interesting, like-minded leaders and changemakers. People doing exciting purposeful stuff for people and the planet. 

Yet they’re still only human (just like you and me). And I think they’ll intrigue you. 

Perhaps one of them unlocks a gate to your mind-forged prison? Or grants pardon from a self-inflicted sentence. Or slips you a spoon to excavate that long-sought escape tunnel.

On this podcast we’ll hear their wisdom and personal philosophies. Perhaps how they lead, learn, crash and burn will tell us something about the human condition?

It’s kind of like rehab too: think reintegration

Whether that’s back into society (however broken it seems) after our collective 18-month, pandemic-induced, global sabbatical. Or finding your place amidst the messy, moreish chaos that is modern life.

This show is for anyone feeling stuck or lost, ready to open a closed mind, or on the outside looking in. Maybe you too stare in equal fascination and despair at the ongoing botched experiment that is humanity? Craving deeper connection with some… thing, one, or where.

That ubiquitous ‘vulnerability’ thing 

This podcast takes a wanky, overused aspirational concept in self-improvement circles. Turning it into a living experiment for anyone who dares listen and expand the discussion it provokes.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear your host shedding the pretence of ‘having everything under control’. Jettisoning his Mr serious business-professional persona. In favour of letting something emerge of its own accord. Eurrgh.

Every episode hums with electric tension. Between presence and preparation, play and seriousness, perfection and imperfection. As I (mis)read the room with clumsy questions and hilarious consequences.

But I wonder, what’s your equivalent? How might you bring your ignorance, flaws and superpowers when we shift this conversation beyond the recordings?

You’ll also bear witness to, and join, a living experiment in improv

I’ll be honest. I’m not 100% clear what this thing is or where it’s going. That’s a premise deeply uncomfortable to many like us. 

But that’s what makes it fun, perhaps?

Face-to-face with guests, we’ll riff and be spontaneous in ways that are tricky alone. There’s scope to push into new (uncomfortable even) spaces and see how we react. You’ll hear us flexing playfulness, curiosity, and compassion – themes that intrigue our tribe. They permeate my coaching practice too. And perhaps help us make peace with uncertainty.

So if you’re up for an edgy experiment in different ways of showing up. Join us.

Just another podcast, after all?

Maybe. But one unashamedly trying not to take itself too seriously, and occasionally falling short of that. Albeit in an illuminating, hopefully reflective and funny way.

And it’s open and free to all sentient beings, not just white middle-class, pseudo-intellectuals with existential angst, like me.

Here’s who you can look forward to hearing from, as we ask the following lovely humans to justify their existence:

  • Mark Ormond, exploring nuance and permission to be human.
  • Tamma Carrel, on outlook and putting yourself out there.
  • Laurence Shorter, on life as a work-in-progress and learning about yourself.
  • Mike Chitty, throwing light on certainty and not knowing.
  • Sarah Lister, on growth and adventure.
  • Anna Fielding, on self-awareness and taking yourself seriously

Search for it in Spotify, Apple or Google podcasts, or your favourite podcast app. You can also visit The pessimist’s guide to a hopeful future.

In a hurry? Listen to episode 1 now

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