Best practice Copywriting

Fretting your message doesn’t ring true? Try this 5-point checklist for your copy

So you’ve been meddling with your marketing message. You’re worried your marketing copy doesn’t quite ring true with the people you need to reach.

To allay your fears, I’ve pulled together a copy messaging checklist of sorts.


Maybe it’s time you wrote your own copy

It’s an unorthodox position for a copywriter to take. I realise that. But if you fit the bill described here, then maybe it’s time you wrote your own copy.

Copywriting Notes

That beautiful moment when something just clicks

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Best practice Freelance life

What if you could hack your tendency to avoid difficult tasks in favour of easier ones?

With profound challenges looming over us, why do humans distract ourselves from what really matters? Why do we project onto other matters that really aren’t a priority?

Case studies Copywriting

Two pain-points for people with small, creative businesses

An enlightening chat with a UI designer reveals two potential angles for my insightful case study workshop.