Case studies

The insightful case study sweet spot

Recently, I resolved with myself to launch an insightful case study masterclass workshop in spring 2020. And it was while introducing myself to a fellow coworker at Castleton Mills, that I realised I need a snappy way of defining exactly what an insightful case study is. Traditionally, case studies have been snapshots of products or […]

Best practice Copywriting

Why it’s easier to write about what you know

Promoting your services as a small creative business is a burden. It’s awkward because it’s not safe territory for you. Your process and expertise is, so let’s help you write about it.

Best practice Freelance life

Why you procrastinate (and what you can do about it)

More knowledge, hard-won from the basement. Plus new research on overcoming challenges (mins the ubiquitous 5/7 ways to… list)

Freelance life

11 things I discovered in my basement – Glug Leeds

Tomorrow, Glug Leeds have invited me back (as a favourite speaker; believe it or not) to talk about this very serendipitous theme…

Case studies Freelance life Notes

Changes are coming

A quick update on the direction my freelance business is heading in.