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Changes are coming

A quick update on the direction my freelance business is heading in.

Today I’m drafting a new home page. It’s something I’ve been avoiding for a long time. But not for the usual reasons…

I’ve been thinking long and hard about exactly what I want to do with my freelance business. Until recently I’ve hedged my bets. I’ve offered everything from brand copywriting, tone-of-voice work and case studies.

From now on though, I’m focusing on what I do best, for the people I’m best placed to serve

Eventually, I’ll move away from copywriting exclusively on behalf of my clients. That’s in favour of consultancy and workshops that help clients do it themselves. That’s because I get a real kick out of coaching people, teaching and helping them focus on what really matters, being their best.

Doing the copywriting on their behalf doesn’t always press that button. But setting them free to write their own copy. And empowering them with their truth feels much more rewarding, whenever I’ve done it.

So more client copywriting coaching, less client copywriting

Hire me, and you’ll have an experienced copywriter right by your side when you write. I’ll prompt you, keep you focused on your readers, and help you say what you really mean. You do the writing, but I’ll be there all the way through. To guide your focus, and develop your message.

Similarly, I’ll be leaning towards case studies as my main copywriting product (although vehicle might be a better word for it).

By that I mean the insightful, informative, enlightening pieces I’ve become known for. Sure, I love writing case studies. And learning new things and meeting new people. But it’s more about the extra value they reveal.

I want to teach people how to write their own case studies. So they not only gain a useful bit of insight for marketing. They also gain a deep understanding of their value through the eyes of their clients.

That’s gold dust from a market research point of view. Plus, it helps attract more of the same – meaningful work with your ideal clients.

So the other strand to my coaching business will be case studies

To that end, I’ll launch a case study masterclass workshop in 2020. In it, I’ll give away all the expertise I’ve gained over the last 10 years. Like working with huge international brands, promoting their cause through thought-leadership, best practice, and insight.

And who will I be doing it for?

Well, people like me – creative people, small businesses and freelancers. People who battle with the challenges I know all too well. Ideally, they’ll create socially or environmentally useful outcomes too. Above all else though, they’ll be people who love to put their expertise into service of others.

Oh.. Did I mention there’s podcast too?

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