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Copywriting with purpose

If you skim this blog you’ll notice ‘starting with why‘ is an increasingly recurrent theme over the last few years in my copywriting. After a decade or so of writing for clients whose causes I could broadly get on-board with, I’m now focusing on clients and causes I can get fully behind.

By that I mean shared values

And a common sense of purpose in what we do together. Because I’ve realised that to fully reach my potential as a copywriter, the time has come to focus. Focus on those clients with projects that align more closely with why I get out of bed in the morning.

That would be helping people fix problems so they live more effective and responsible lives. In copywriting terms that manifests as expressing true value to the world. Think insightful case studies and brand copy, so my clients get their point across clearly. With that done, they can educate, inspire and inform – transforming lives and the fortunes of our planet.

Socially and environmentally useful projects in particular are my goal. Because quite frankly, we’re running out of time for action on climate change. And it’s time to put my money where my mouth is, when it comes to inequality and social justice.

Insightful case studies

Eventually this website will present B2B case studies as my main service. Why? Because I’m all about learning new things, meeting new people and sharing useful insight to solve practical, real-world problems. Writing case studies as a freelancer is the perfect vehicle for my Why, as well as my clients’.

Having a clearer sense of Why isn’t just motivating. It’s a lens through which to find more of these ‘right kind of projects’, with the right kind of clients. More importantly though, it’s a journey of personal growth. I’m mastering my craft, and learning more about myself and the people I help along the way.

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