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Free coaching for market research chat

Feeling ‘meh’ about work? Plateauing in mid-life? Something’s missing or not quite right in your career or small business…

Please help with my MARKET RESEARCH

In exchange for talking/ranting about your present experience, I’ll gift you thirty minutes free coaching on an issue of your choice (an empathetic ear and helpful, provocative questions).

It’s completely confidential: I’m a qualified life coach bound by a professional code of practice. Also, I can relate…

I ask because I’m deepening my understanding what you’re up against, how life is, and the nature of career and life change. This will help me craft useful support and offerings for people like us.

Please message me privately if you’re curious. I’ll reply with time slots for a confidential, online conversation between you and I.

Not for you? Please share – this could really help someone in your network.






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