“I feel my project has escaped earth gravity!”

“I would like to thank you for your excellent and helpful advice. I feel that my book project has escaped earth gravity!”

“What I like about what you did was you asked clearly well-honed questions to get to my current big issues. And this was successful.”

“You then asked the simple questions I could have asked myself. What should your priority be and what steps could you take? What barriers? How to overcome the barriers? You used a gentle questioning approach to get me to commit to a series of actions.”

“However, for some reason, I could not self coach like this. Sometimes I get ‘stuck’. You addressed my stuckness by helping me rekindle an attitude and spirit I’ve had in the past and I like that. You helped me find focus on where to start and that really moved me forward.”

“You are very good at what you do… I award you status as one of the good guys.”

“I have been re-energised with a new adventure which is great.”

J is a retired director and engineer who is writing a book about living a long and healthy life to reduce suffering for others.






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