Chris Kenworthy

Transformative coach | Improviser

“I hadn’t realised that I’d really hit a wall”

“Before speaking with Chris, I hadn’t realised that I’d really hit a wall and needed help with exploring new avenues and procedures within my account manageability.

“Being able to speak truthfully in a safe, confidential space helped me realise what I needed to do to refresh my spark and to crack on with more confidence – to get excited about working on future goals!

“Chris really listens to you and makes you feel like any issues or personal barriers are important and provides you with great, insightful advice to help you learn on your own.

“I would strongly recommend his services as I’ve come away with a fresh, and more positive outlook in my work.”

S is a marketeer who works with clients in education, inclusivity, and leisure and tourism, who put the greater good of the region first.






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