“I have confidence to approach my work, deal with problems myself”

“I recently changed industries and being a newcomer has caused me a fair amount of work-based anxiety, existential worries, and even certain aspects of imposter syndrome.

“I struggled to understand my place and what I can do to adapt and learn a new skill set, often coming to a standstill and feeling a bit lost. Chris helped me to work through my concerns, rationalise my thoughts, and build confidence.

“Our sessions provided a space for me to discuss aspects of work, how I was working, and helped me to build my own structure and workflow for dealing with a variety of things I didn’t have much experience with – from how to plan and write, how to find and approach new clients, to interpersonal and communication skills with work colleagues.

“Chris’ approach was friendly, understanding and patient and most importantly his work and life experiences were very relatable which made the sessions feel personal and bespoke and not just a ‘one fits all’ generic work coaching template.

“I now feel I have the confidence to approach my work, deal with problems myself, understand there is no real right way of doing things, and to do things ‘my way’. I have much a better understanding of what I want from work, the things I would like to achieve, and how to go about achieving them.

“I would highly recommend Chris to help empower yourself or your staff, and not only that, he’s a genuinely nice guy to have around and will massively improve your workplace vibe!”

R is a chef and marketeer who champions local, independent venues and creative communities of people.






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