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Maybe you too had the answers all along?

An exceptionally generous offer with no strings attached. Would you like to solve a problem, once-and-for-all?

You might know me as Chris the freelancer. Chances are we worked together on a copywriting, photography or website project.

I don’t usually post this sort thing, but here’s a story that’ll help you tackle a problem many people struggle with, once-and-for-all.

Some time ago, I sat with a client. They were wrestling with what they stand for, and how to get that across to the right people in business and at work. I’m there, doing my usual thing: listening, questioning, making sense of it all.

A few hours later we’re still at it – conversation flowing, ideas bouncing around. Already they felt less inhibited. Excited even. “Maybe I had the answers all along!’, they laughed, their future a little clearer.

But then things went awry…

We parted company and sure enough, the copy and photos I created on their behalf worked a treat (obvs). But the original problem remained: this lovely human being didn’t really *own* what they stood for, or know how to express that on their *own terms*. Purpose, mission, values – call it what you like, was still just a woolly idea someone else took care of.

And this didn’t feel right. Gradually, I wondered… 

Maybe the valuable stuff happens in those first, magic conversations? When we work through a problem together, coaxing those tricky-to-reach answers out into the light. And that newfound motivation and clarity? Really, that belongs to you. It’s for you to make a difference with. No-one else. 

What would happen, I pondered, if more people felt up to tackling problems on their own terms? I’d still be there every step of the way, offering support, encouragement and insight, focusing them on what really matters. Only now, the person with the smartest solution of all (quite possibly someone like you) is the one making it happen. Instead of a wizardly freelancer (however talented and handsome), magicking problems away. 

So I tried some gentle human experiments, to test this theory about whether you’re the real genius, not me.

And you know what happened? 

My clients kept hold of that deep understanding of what they’re all about. Yet we made sure they felt confident enough to say it in their own voice. This goes way beyond just marketing. Some inspire crowds, others lead more effective teams. Some get along better at work or in business. Others have a ship-load more purpose powering what they do.

And what do they all have in common? 

They were coached. They were ready to try something different to fix their problem, once-and-for-all.

Right now I’m transitioning from freelancing to coaching. But to get really good at this, I need all the practice I can get. 

So I’m offering five, 1-to-1, two hour deep coaching sessions like the kind described above. Think curious, insightful, likely irreverent conversations, about where you are now and where you want to be in your career. My clients always say they feel a little freer to take their next steps, with more options and more confidence. It’s as funny and interesting as you want it to be too.

Just send me a quick message here, and we’ll see whether this is a good fit for you. If it sounds like it is, I’ll reserve you one of these coaching sessions.

There’s no catch to this exceptional generosity. No fee. No organs to donate.

All I ask is a little feedback in return.

These are unusual times we’re living through. Yet the people I coach are stepping back from lockdown, looking at the bigger picture, and wondering how we can make life better, and our work more meaningful. 

If you’re a do-er, maker or thinker, looking for more purpose and a clearer place in the world, send me a message now (only four sessions left!).

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

I help people like you tap into your more playful, resourceful, less serious side(s).

Are you ready to defy total planetary collapse, and do our bit to create socially and environmentally useful outcomes?

Get some space with someone who gets you. Space to work things out. So you feel freer, more inspired, and make progress on whatever matters most.

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