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Monday vomit

Get some connection, honesty and levity at the beginning of your week.

It feels almost too cliche to write about, but Mondays for me bring baggage. Emotional weather. At least habitually. 

It begins Sunday evening

A sense of foreboding. An atmospheric changeover. Like duty descending as an ethereal burden. A sandstorm of uncertainty gathers on the horizon, closing in, leaving the next morning in its wake. 

There’s possibility in there, of course – space and opportunity. But for folk like me (who like a bit of structure and apparent ‘how’ in their lives) – the scope of the week ahead can sometimes get the better of us. 

Monday can be a vulnerable time

Yet rather than tackle problems alone, these days I’m trying something new. 

I dredge for curiosity and connection in those murky feelings – how do others relate to their week ahead? What are they going through? 

More often than not, I find it’s the lonely bit of Mondays, the stoney-faced struggle, the seriousness, that gets in the way. 

Sounds like an excuse for an experiment

Three weeks ago, I launched the Monday vomit event: a space to process the dread, hope, fear or excitement of your week ahead. To meet others. Feel the feels. Regain perspective. And focus on what really matters.

It’s kind of like a pep-talk, leaning heavily on group coaching. And it follows a proven therapeutic model for exploding those Monday morning narratives and underlying motivations. 

All in a quick 30 minute session

The metaphor I’m toying with is like puking up whatever is on your mind, then picking out the chunky bits. But that’s where the imagery ends, because the final bit is about accountability – working out what’s valuable to us in the coming week ahead (do people bottle puke?)

So far, we’ve had people bring dilemmas, stories, mistakes, overwhelm, victories, tears, laughter and everything in-between. Anything goes really. 

If you’re an enterprising individual at a point of change, an entrepreneur or employee, a leader, or just fancy a bit of space in your working week – this might be for you.

Just bring an enquiring mind and willingness to share and try something different.

Here’s your invitation

Next week (19th July) the Monday vomit event goes public (so far it’s been an inner circle thing…). It’ll be a regular event, every Monday morning.

If you want to try one, just sign-up on Eventbrite. It seems to work best as a tiny, intimate event so grab one of four places before it fills up.

Join us for connection, honesty and levity. Gloom might be the (my?) pretext, yet I’m surprised by how many people vomit sparkles in the sessions too.

Subversion will be my compass, through the emotional weather that sometimes clouds the start of our week – what’s yours?

By Chris Kenworthy | Life coach

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You know how much I love this. However, at that time of day I am either ACTUALLY vomiting a bit whilst changing a nappy or else I am ferrying little people to places. In my other universe, I am there every week.

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