New podcast: now live

My experimental audio blog pondering the muddy footprints of humanity is now live. Go and listen.

If you’re of a curious disposition and fond of exploring the world around you, particularly the footprints left by humanity, on our inexorable march towards insanity – listen to my new podcast as the soundtrack to your wonderings.

It’s an audio blog collection of short, whimsical and philosophical musings, stories and reflections on life, creativity and discovery.

In fact I’m not entirely sure what it is.

I find something I’m curious about, like a disused railway or Phil Collins, explore it, then ask if there’s anything worth learning from it.

Eventually, I’ll extend the podcast to include interviews with interesting people. I’ll be asking what makes them tick. What do they stand for and how do they get on in the world. Basically asking them to justify their existance for our collective entertainment, if you will.

This is an experiment

I try not to take this podcast too seriously either. It’s meant to be irreverent and funny. A sideways glance at the state of existance. If I can get a laugh from taking the piss out from myself or modern life, I do.

Subscribe via your usual podcast provider or find Beyond the basement on Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast and Spotify.

It’s frighteningly easy to publish a podcast. Anyone can do it.

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