Coaching Notes

Maybe you too had the answers all along?

An exceptionally generous offer with no strings attached. Would you like to solve a problem, once-and-for-all?

Coaching Strategies

Unsure what your ‘thing’ is? Clue #1: it’s what you take for granted

There are things about you – inclinations, experiences, stuff you’re capable of, that are so intrinsic to who you are that you’re practically blind to them.

Creativity Strategies

Here’s an artful way to handle criticism

Criticism feels like attack when that beautiful thing you invest so much time and effort in melds with your very being. To cope, what if you thought more like a Shaman?


New podcast: now live

My experimental audio blog pondering the muddy footprints of humanity is now live. Go and listen.

Best practice Copywriting

Fretting your message doesn’t ring true? Try this 5-point checklist for your copy

So you’ve been meddling with your marketing message. You’re worried your marketing copy doesn’t quite ring true with the people you need to reach.

To allay your fears, I’ve pulled together a copy messaging checklist of sorts.