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Something’s coming

Consider this post a nailing of my colours to the mast. A statement of intent about how I serve you, as well as announcing some exciting upcoming stuff.

I’ll soon be launching a focused project aimed at helping my kind of people with the predicament described at the top of my home page.

Playing with your three centres

If you’ve ever listened to my audio blog you’ll perhaps have heard me harp on about centres of intelligence – the idea that we relate to the world in three different ways.

All of us have a choice between being think-y (head), feel-y (heart) or sense-y (gut/body) in the way we navigate life. So your mental, emotional and physical faculties.

Problems arise when they’re out of healthy balance, or we unwittingly let any one of them run the show alone, unchecked by the others (usually the head). So together we’ll work on the witting bit.

In my experience, as a coach, this is a really helpful model for self-reflection on behaviour and motivations, and an interesting way to raise awareness of how we respond to life’s challenges.

It’s also rich territory for games and techniques that play with all three centres, opening your mind, heart and body. The idea is that with all three fully functional, and at your disposal, we live a more fulfilling life – the kind you might be seeking.

So I’ll help you move towards that, if you come along for the ride.

It’ll be fun too and experimental

With this project, we’ll explore what these are and how they shape real-life as it is right now for you. We’ll keep it concrete and relevant, rather than ephemeral and theoretical.

I’ll be showing my working in public, which is new territory for me. I’d like this to be two-way, inviting discussion and feedback from you, if you’re curious. You’ll also gain all the above.

Outwardly, the most noticeable change of direction will be more thematic posts here and on social media. They’ll dance around the head, heart, body stuff above. I’ll be inciting more two-way involvement too. So it’s not just me geeking out, alone.

This really works

For added context, I’ll share my own experience and backstory with the centres of intelligence – how I use it use personally and with clients.

As a body dominant type, a route through many of my challenges is movement, breath, exercise and tending to my general physical wellbeing. Knowing this gives my challenges context and options about where to go next. It also reveals blindspots and routes for growth in my muted emotional world and getting out of my second-guessing head.

I intend to offer you the same insight and benefits, by helping you deepen your relationship with your centres.


As an added incentive to stay tuned, I have a playful little product in the pipeline, to support all this. Something fun to play with, in your day-to-day. So I’ll be looking for beta testers to join in and shape it.

Finally, I promise that this won’t get too abstract and ephemeral. Body type people tend to go for practical, action-focused stuff. Getting on and doing. So whatever I share, it’ll have this spin on it. As well as invitations to just sit with thoughts (head) and feelings (heart) too.






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