Maybe it’s time you wrote your own copy

It’s an unorthodox position for a copywriter to take. I realise that. But if you fit the bill described here, then maybe it’s time you wrote your own copy.

Case studies Copywriting

Two pain-points for people with small, creative businesses

An enlightening chat with a UI designer reveals two potential angles for my insightful case study workshop.

Case studies

The insightful case study sweet spot

Recently, I resolved with myself to launch an insightful case study masterclass workshop in spring 2020. And it was while introducing myself to a fellow coworker at Castleton Mills, that I realised I need a snappy way of defining exactly what an insightful case study is. Traditionally, case studies have been snapshots of products or […]

Best practice Copywriting

Why it’s easier to write about what you know

Promoting your services as a small creative business is a burden. It’s awkward because it’s not safe territory for you. Your process and expertise is, so let’s help you write about it.

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11 things I discovered in my basement – Glug Leeds

Tomorrow, Glug Leeds have invited me back (as a favourite speaker; believe it or not) to talk about this very serendipitous theme…