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Changes are coming

A quick update on the direction my freelance business is heading in.

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Write and interview your OWN case studies! Really? Awkward.

It can be an awkward and frustrating experience writing your own case studies, in-house. Especially if all you get is compliments. Here’s how to get beyond that and mine for deep insight, and get to the real value in your expertise.

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Now published: Want to know your value AND gain more meaningful work? Interview clients. Write case studies like this – 5 article series on LinkedIn

Brain successfully dumped. A load of insight on how to write case studies is up on LinkedIn. Here it is, all in one place.

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Here’s some seriously useful marketing insight on LinkedIn

One day, when my case study workshops are the talk of the town, they’ll reflect on this moment as where it all began.

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You + me = meant to be?

A client-freelancer relationship is a relationship like any other. For this to work we must be the right match. The right match means people working together with common values and a shared worldview. And it only happens when we’re both in it for the same reasons – how we make our mark on the world, […]