Best practice Case studies

Write and interview your OWN case studies! Really? Awkward.

It can be an awkward and frustrating experience writing your own case studies, in-house. Especially if all you get is compliments. Here’s how to get beyond that and mine for deep insight, and get to the real value in your expertise.

Case studies Notes

Here’s some seriously useful marketing insight on LinkedIn

One day, when my case study workshops are the talk of the town, they’ll reflect on this moment as where it all began.

Best practice Case studies Copywriting

The same question you should ask yourself over and over again when writing case studies

Stay focused on this one thing and your case studies won’t just sell, they’ll be magnetic and irresistable to the right kind of people.


Orbit your Why, with your How and your What

You’re sitting on a goldmine of persuasive reasons for people to get behind your cause. Trust me. This is how you should use it, especially in copywriting.

Best practice Copyediting Copywriting

Tips for a well-written, self-written press release

How to write ready-to-go, engaging press releases that get picked up and read.