Chris Kenworthy

Transformative coach | Improviser

“You helped me realise there’s something big missing”

“I have inconsistent confidence in the way my work comes across. It’s hard to know how best to communicate what I do, what I can do versus what I’ve done. I’m not sure I communicate how good I am at it.

“You’ve helped me realise that there’s something big missing from what I’m saying – soul, magic… Now I know there’s a call for it. That there’s a place for talking about it.

“You’re a really good coach. I found this very useful. I’ve dealt with other coaches before and it was like getting blood out of a stone! It feels much easier to talk to you. We’re getting to the interesting bits really quickly.

“It’s good to go away with next steps, having something I’m really pleased with.”

R is an artist who engages local communities and brings people together from diverse backgrounds.






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