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You + me = meant to be?

A client-freelancer relationship is a relationship like any other. For this to work we must be the right match.

The right match means people working together with common values and a shared worldview. And it only happens when we’re both in it for the same reasons – how we make our mark on the world, and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Something about it just feels right.

Too many freelancers take on any old project, with any old client

Let’s be clear: I’m no longer one of them.

To get the results I promise, I need to serve the right kind of client with the right kind of challenge. If we’re a good match it’s the same for you too. You need the right kind of freelancer, with the right kind of expertise and outlook to solve your unique problem.

So let’s take look at all this, in the context of whether you and I are a good fit. You being the client, me being the freelancer.

Is this you?


  • A small to medium-sized B2B enterprise
  • Established and maturing as a business
  • Problem-solvers who fix and improve things for people

You’re good at what you do, and have a proven track-record of doing it. You know what you stand for, and how you want to make an impact on the world.

You believe it’s now time to focus on the kind of work you’re best at – interesting challenges that play to your strengths, in collaborations with likeminded people.

So you want to engage these people (prospective clients). You’d like to filter for projects that you’re best placed to deliver. You want organic growth, by cultivating sustainable relationships and a sustainable pipeline of interesting work.

But you’re not sure how to go about that.

This is me

Like you, I’m a problem-solver. I live for fixing things. I enjoy challenges where I’m learning new things, and helping people at the same time. I’m also an established and maturing business, with a clear sense of what I stand for and why I do what I do.

After copywriting on a diverse range of projects for a decade, I’m now focused on finding interesting problems I’m best placed to solve, with people who share my values. Especially clients who make socially and environmentally useful outcomes their priority.

I suspect we both take pride in what we love doing. We enjoy losing ourselves in our craft, and relish that connection between a problem solved and the people we’ve solved it for.

We’re agile and autonomous – capable of picking something up and running with it. We’re quick on the uptake too. It never takes us long to get to grips with a problem. As long as we stay focused on making things better, and engage with the people we serve, we’re happy.

Sound like a good fit?

If the client described above sounds like you, then we should join forces.

Why? Because I’m all about cultivating the right kind of clients for businesses like yours.

How? That proven track-record you have is actually a goldmine of insight we can put to good use in insightful case studies.

Let’s have a chat to find out more.

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

I help people like you tap into your more playful, resourceful, less serious side(s).

Are you ready to defy total planetary collapse, and do our bit to create socially and environmentally useful outcomes?

Get some space with someone who gets you. Space to work things out. So you feel freer, more inspired, and make progress on whatever matters most.

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