You’re no beginner at what you do. You’re established, respected and good at it. You’ve got a proven track-record of fixing problems, and that’s earned you a modest following of satisfied clients. Clients you have a lot in common with, and interesting challenges you’ve enjoyed collaborating on.

What if you could put all that to good use? Cultivating clients you enjoy working with, and more of those interesting challenges you’re really good at tackling.

Well you can: with insightful case studies

Better still, it’s all about putting your problem-solving know-how to even more effective use, with little expense and effort.

People call this content marketing, but it’s so much more to case studies than that.

What we’d do is tap into that goldmine of past problems-solved for satisfied clients. You see, their problems are similar to the problems of new, undiscovered prospective clients (though as yet unsolved).

If we write a case study full of insight and useful advice on a particular problem that they’re familiar with. And we write it in an authentic way, so they see themselves in the story (thanks to a shared worldview) – we’ve struck a chord with the reader. We now have their attention.

We’re also helping them along the road to resolving it because our intention is genuine. We love fixing problems and helping people – remember. They’ll remember that too when they need closer consultation, or recommend you to someone else.

We have all the beginnings of a new, sustainable relationship right there. Built on common values and a shared worldview – which should sit at the heart of all good case studies.

Plus, on top of all that, we’ve got all the benefits of a case study – proof you can do the job. All threaded together in a very interestingly written story, with real people, real problems and a powerful message behind it.

People LOVE case studies written like this

When they’re searching for solutions, or seeking advice on what’s holding them back, clients will find case studies like yours irresistible. Instead of a factual account of a successfully delivered (the kind you’ll find in most dry case studies), they’ll see your insightful case studies for the goldmine it really is.

They’ll read it and think:

‘Yes! This is us. These people get it. We need to collaborate’

Best of all, this gold lies just below the surface – right now, ready for mining.

Just let me at your case studies

I’ll work flexibly and autonomously, to write insightful case studies that connect deeply with the right people.

Together, we’ll transform your natural gift for problem-solving into a sustainable pipeline of self-selecting, likeminded clients. Clients with the kind of challenges and projects that fascinate you.