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Now published: Want to know your value AND gain more meaningful work? Interview clients. Write case studies like this – 5 article series on LinkedIn

Brain successfully dumped. A load of insight on how to write case studies is up on LinkedIn. Here it is, all in one place.

I’ve now successfully brain-dumped most of what I know about writing insightful case studies into a comprehensive series of articles on LinkedIn.

This post is to link them all together in one place, and follow-up on what happens next.

This series of articles begins with an introduction, called Why the world needs your case studies. It then moves on to more hands-on insight and advice in these core five articles:

  1. How to identify your first case study
  2. How to frame your case studies
  3. How to interview best-fit clients for case studies
  4. How to write your case study
  5. How to handle feedback and increase value in a case study

(My objective was always to get this all out of my head and into the open – not to develop my clickbait headline-writing skills. Hence the repetition in the titles).

What next?

The plan is to edit and improve these – condense them into an eBook that’s perhaps more accessible than LinkedIn’s Pulse publishing platform. This’ll be a free download to encourage best-practice amongst copywriters, in-house writers, marketing, comms and PR people.

Next year I’ll launch my first case study masterclass full of insight and hands-on help. That’ll be to test the content, find out what people would like more of, and spread word that this insight is what I do best.

I’ll continue writing case studies myself, but I’ve found a real joy in helping other people be their best, by learning new skills to express themselves. Longer-term, the case study masterclass workshop will be one of my core products that support why I do what I do – empowering people to focus on what’s important, so they can realise their full potential.

Case studies are just one, perfect manifestation of that mission – empowering them to gain more meaningful work, ideal clients and a deeper sense of their value – through the eyes of people who matter most.

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

I'm Chris. I'm a coach. I help practically-minded do-ers, makers and thinkers find their place in the world.

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