[Clear Space]

Spark ideas.

Solve problems.

Stimulate creativity.

AN immersive, one-to-one session to make breakthroughs on just about anything

Space to make progress

Stuck on the same old problem? Unsure what the right way forward is? Struggling to progress towards what you want?

The same old thoughts rattle around when we're stuck in our heads. We stagnate. In overthinking we doubt ourselves, and feel frustrated, exhausted and alone.

This guided, one-off play session together helps you unpack everything on your mind and feel inspired again.

[Clear Space] helps you explore a particular topic or outcome - beyond the confines of thinking that got you this far. 

Clear Space is a powerful yet playful psychodynamic exercise where you become the explorer of your own imagination. We map what's 'in there' (usually muddled in the mind) onto what's real and 'out there' around us. And in the process make better sense of it all.

Following an elegantly structured process, we’ll transform any physical space into an environment rich in fresh perspectives and inspiring breakthroughs.

I’ll be right alongside you as your guide. As you generate options, new perspectives and inspiration for a particular challenge, topic or outcome you've perhaps wrestled with alone for too long.

So you feel more free, clear and motivated.

What to expect

Deep focus

A session lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours, focused entirely on you and your chosen topic or outcome.

Unlike anything you’ve experienced

With its roots in Clean coaching, Clear Space sets your mind and body free to explore new perspectives and possibilities.

Moving in space

We use the area around you to unpack what goes on inside your head, bringing it to life. That’s when things get exciting…

Explore in nature or indoors

Any space can be Clear Space - we can play wherever feels most convenient, inspiring or accessible to you.

Clear guidance

I’ll give you clear instructions and questions to guide you through the whole immersive process, step-by-step.

After care

Because we go deep, you’ll get a full debrief to help you transition out of Clear Space and on to making things happen.

What people get from [clear space]

Deeper job satisfaction, career change, or new direction in business.

Closer and more rewarding relationships at home or at work.

More awareness of and alignment with your inner values and beliefs.

Greater access to creativity, new direction and fresh ideas.

Realisation about what really matters, or what you want from life.

Hello, I'm Chris - your host

I'm an ILM5/PII certified transformative coach and improviser. I'll be your guide as we explore Clear Space during your session.

I'm trained in the Clean Space facilitation process (a type of Clean Coaching) which is what this workshop is based on.

Usually I host these sessions in-person together in Leeds in West Yorkshire (UK). Ideally these happen at an inspiring location outdoors in a forest or park, or at a studio indoors if the weather's poor.

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What people say about [clear Space]

Something profound just happened. I can't describe how or what, but I left feeling like something shifted at some profoundly deep level. What I thought was in my way isn't, and in its place there's possibility. Now I know exactly what I need to do and why.

WC, Leeds

Health professional

Being in nature made it so interesting and meta - trees and landscape around me took on all this rich meaning. It was like everything in my head came to life in front of me for the first time and I saw things in a totally different way. It's weird, but weird in a good way!

CD, Yorkshire


I think the most helpful thing was understanding what I’d overlooked or had forgotten because I was too distracted or thought it too obvious. It’s like I still have challenges, but how I see them and feel about them is changing because of what Clear Space did. Thank you so much Chris, I still walk past where we did our session and feel a tingle.

DS, York


This is one of those experiences that’s hard to describe in words until you experience how powerful it is - and it definitely is. The magic doesn’t happen just in the session - it’s in the hours and days and weeks afterwards too when you have loads of new ideas and feel more free to get on with things. Thank you (...and good luck selling this!!!)

CD, Sheffield

Team Leader

Would you like to feel more free, clear and motivated about a problem you've wrestled with alone for too long?