Want to know what happens with coaching?

Here’s a birdseye view of how our coaching journey might typically progress over 3-6 months. Every one and everyone i is different, so the only caveat here is we’ll work with whatever you bring and adjust in-flight.

And one more thing… rest assured that at every stage I’m here to listen, reflect, poke and cheer you on, helping you guide yourself to wherever you want to be.

1. FIT: chemistry matters

They say our relationship is the deciding factor in whether or not coaching works for you (other options are available). 

So when we first meet we wonder: how we get on, what we share (like humour, values, curiosity), am I the right coach for you?

This generally happens online (for now). No pressure or strings attached. Just us being us.

2. AGREement: we get clear

Unknowns abound, so let’s call ‘em out (if we both feel it’s a ‘yes’ to coaching).

We ask: what do you want to happen, how will this work, what happens when/if…? 

We agree expectations, then sign-up together as client and coach. We’ll set you a fun activity to get the juices flowing before your first official coaching session.

3. Explore: deep realisations and excitement

We’ve found our feet now; we’re coaching proper now, your journey’s underway.

In face-to-face or remote session(s) we ask: who are you (really), what motivates you, where are blindspots/strengths in your day-to-day.

To help, we use the enneagram like a growth map to rediscover yourself.

4. experiment: change through doing & decisions

Magic happens when you try new things and surprise yourself. So with each session we co-create incremental challenges.

We ask questions like: what can you commit to do differently, what might get in the way, how did it go?

Success and setbacks all count. I’ll cheerlead, poke, and hold you accountable to yourself all the way.

5. Play: to get out of the head, into the body

To free you up and find new perspectives, we might play with physical intelligence, improv or focusing techniques.

We ask: how you feel, what does your body say, how might we play with this? 

Changing context helps, like outdoors or acting daft somewhere.

6. Reflect: now that stuff’s happening

By now you’re playing with new toys at the edge, so here’s space to feel raw and human.

We ask what you’re learning, where it’ll lead, how might you keep it up? 

I use human learning cycles to consolidate and celebrate the change you’re making.

7. Space: recover & process

Feel capable? Get on at your own pace. A decent coach encourages self-sustaining development (not dependence).

Hit a snag between sessions? I’m here when you need me for micro-coaching check-ins, usually by telephone.

8. momentum: spaced out

Around the midpoint of coaching it’s OK to shuffle schedules to fit what life and coaching unleashes.

We check how our agreement stands too, so you’re sure you’re getting what you want from coaching.

9. Debrief: look how far you’ve come

In our final session we reflect on the highs, lows and everything in-between.

We’ll ask where next, what does it mean to be resilient, where will you get support.

I won’t leave you dangling, we’ve come a long way together.

10. After-care: you’re in the gang

This isn’t over. In fact it’s likely that your journey’s just begun.

You also join a special cohort of my closest clients. You get ongoing priority access for recaps, check-ins, so you’re never alone.