Chris Kenworthy

Copywriting coach & insight engineer in Leeds

Clear, purposeful copy

Let me guess: you’re here because you need to cultivate the right kind of people in your business. Whether that’s clients with interesting projects and new technical challenges, or high-calibre specialist staff to help tackle them.

If I’m right, let me have another guess…

Business looks good – there’s plenty of work about, and the next step is to only take on projects that are the right fit for you. Regrettably though, your website and marketing doesn’t reflect that. Put simply – the copy doesn’t do you justice.

If you’re not so good with words…

Or, like most of my clients, you’re just too close to the business to begin writing about it, then your search is over.

You’ve found the right copywriter


I help businesses in Leeds, Yorkshire and across the UK find their voice 

And tell their story to people who matter.

On your behalf, I write copy that connects with the right people and compels them to choose you – because of what you stand for and what you do best

Here’s the secret to effective copywriting

It might come as a surprise but writing isn’t all about words.

10 years as a copywriter in Leeds taught me that freelance copywriting is as much about creative support as it is technical expertise. You need a second opinion from someone who speaks up if there’s a better way to do something, who’s fearless in the face of complexity. Someone who’ll collaborate with compassion and insight, then give your project the final energetic push it needs to get out the door.

That’s what I bring to your business as a freelance copywriter in Leeds.

Hire me as your copywriter to:


Populate new websites with hard-working digital copy that motivates people to choose you because of what you stand for


Develop clear tone of voice that reflects your values and encourages self-selecting clients


Recruit the best talent with job specs and adverts that stand out


Strengthen copy you’ve already written if you’re not so good with words


Inspire people with insightful case studies for proposals or content marketing campaigns that put you front of mind without the hard-sell


Health warning

My freelance copywriting process is immersive so brace yourself if you want proven results.

Right from the start I painstakingly research what makes your business tick. Then together we make brave decisions about who we write for and what we say in your copy.

It’s the only way to write values-led copy that resonates with the right people, and persuades them to choose you.

Hire me as your freelance copywriter in Leeds now

Send me a message below or call 07796 118308. Soon you’ll attract more of the right kind of people to your business, and regain the freedom to do more of what you do best: solving interesting technical challenges for likeminded clients.