A while ago I posted my top 3 reasons why you need a freelance copywriter. Problem is, I’ve realised there’s another – and it should probably go straight in at number one.

It happens when you try and write things yourself, but the words come out sounding like everyone else. Steadily, you find yourself stuck fast in a mire swamped with industry cliches and popular misconception. And no matter how hard you try, you sink ever faster into the bog – rehashing what all the competition’s already said a thousand times before:

“We’re unique… our service is bespoke … we’re specialists in our area… we really care about what we do.”

Frustrating isn’t it? And boring too – for your readers. Because you aren’t saying anything that makes you stand out, or anything that meaningfully engages with them.

“We know we need to stand out from our competitors and we know what we want our message to say, but putting it into words really isn’t our strong point.”

There’s a smart way to avoid this

I wouldn’t be giving away any trade secrets if I told you that smart copywriters examine the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of what you do. The magic in your methods, coupled with what you stand for are your lifeline from dull, lifeless copy.

In fact I’ve just had this very conversation with a company who work in recruitment in Leeds. There’s no shortage of passion about what they do, and belief in why they do it.

Yet when they put finger to keyboard, the same old hollow-sounding promises manifest themselves.

So how is this any different from what a freelance copywriter would do?

We plan first. It might sound obvious, but so many people do that while they’re already in the process of writing, when it’s too late (and it shows).

Freelance copywriters force you to be specific about who you’re writing for and what their priorities are. This is focus for your marketing. It might feel brutal (and EVERYONE always worries about excluding some readers) but it gives you tight, consistent and efficient copy.

Yet most importantly, we bring a fresh pair of eyes.

If you’ve gone native with your products and services, then you really aren’t the best people to write about them. Especially when you need an impartial, enthusiastic tone of voice.

Whereas a freelance copywriter can do just that. We help people see things from a different angle, and shed new light on old, well-trodden territory.

Be smart, like my client above and hire one in Leeds now.