“Chicken!” laughs your copy accusingly as you lower your eyes from the computer in shame.

So you type furiously in a frantic attempt to distract yourself. But even your keyboard’s in collusion. It’s rhythmic tapping marches you ever further from what your copy could’ve been.

You’re trying to write copy that appeals to everyone, instead of copy that’s appealing to a specific group of people. Because you’re frightened of scaring away all those other potential customers that you feel like you’re excluding.

It’s a losing battle between what’s right and what you think will pay the bills. And in evitable defeat you languish in lifeless, diluted copy that treats everyone like they’re the same.

As every successful business person (and pious copywriter) will preach: know your customer. Find out exactly who they are and what they want. Then give it to them.

Don’t be scared of specificity in copywriting

When you’re marketing your new service or product, it’s only natural to feel a bit nervous. Especially when it means restricting the number of people you’ll reach before you’ve even got any.

Cutting that number down feels like you’re reducing the amount of sales you’ll potentially win.

Well here’s a suggestion. Don’t think of it as restricting. Think of it as concentrating. You’re making a bold statement when you focus on a specific group of people. The subtext to your message becomes:

Hello you. I understand your specific problems, I know what it feels like. So I’ve come up with this perfect solution, just for you.

This isn’t a radical idea. Think about it. When you buy a premium product, you expect bespoke service. You don’t truly desire something when you know everyone else gets exactly the same treatment. People want to know they’re special. Part of a unique small group of people with exacting requirements.

Perhaps you’re anxious because don’t know enough about your customers yet. So going after everyone feels like a more successful strategy. Well think about it this way. It’s easier to know a few things about a few people than everything about everyone. The latter is impossible and doomed to failure.

If you’re still not convinced, a compelling side-effect of specificity is that you make your market research (and the copywriter’s) a lot quicker and more effective too.

But … what about everyone else?!

Don’t worry about all the other potential customers you might miss out on if you write for a specific group of people.

Your copywriting paints such a beautiful picture of life with your product that they’ll want a piece of the action too. This other potential customer has different needs, but if you’ve written really blistering copy, they’ll talk themselves into wanting it. All because your copywriting benefits from being so focused and efficient.

Plus, people still share common human traits. So there are bound to be overlaps between your specific group and everyone else. And there’s always the catch-all contact form where can they ask for something exceptional.

Let them decide

Just get your copy out there in front of people. Test it first before you decide if it works or not. Your customers are the best people to decide that.

Note how I refer to customers as people. As soon as you shift to that way of thinking, your readers become real people with emotions to appeal to, problems to solve and dreams to believe in.

And if your copy’s not working? Change it. That’s the beauty of tools like WordPress, things can always be updated easily in just a few clicks.

Find out how best to serve a specific group of people. Commit yourself to them. Then prove it in your copywriting.