You’re a small to medium sized business, probably in Yorkshire, probably with less than 20 people in your company. You’re also most likely to be the MD reading this now.

You’ve no marketing budget as such, but you know you ought to do more to get your name out there (especially the stories you’re most proud of). In fact, you’ve had a stab at doing your marketing in-house, with mixed results. You’ve got good intentions but something always pops-up and gets in the way, killing momentum.

On writing – you’re tired of saying the same old thing, or perhaps you’re not so good with words. Now you’ve turned a corner, business is growing, and you’ve accepted it’s probably time to stop cutting corners and let an expert grab the pen.

You’ve never used a freelancer before but the idea appeals to you, because they’re cheaper and less ‘full-on’ than a marketing agency. You’d prefer someone flexible and local, ideally in Leeds – someone who can pick things up fast, so you don’t have to waste months while they get up to speed.

Did I read your mind correctly? Good, let’s get started…