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The hype surrounding this lean text editor with little more than a blinking blue cursor treading water in a sea of off-white sounded like the emperor’s new clothes to me.

That was until I submerged myself in the award-winning iA Writer for Mac.

It’s a brutally simple tool for copywriters who just need to write, liberated from the distracting suffocation of layout and format.

Like most people, I was critical of a writing tool acclaimed for its dearth of features. How could software so bare provide enough substance to justify the buzz around it?

Yet its elegant modesty is its strength.

By stripping away complexity, iA Writer leaves you with less obstacles to and excuses for not writing. What remains is the raw focus you need to hurl words at a page.

iA Writer improved my copywriting workflow

After researching and planning copy (and a short mind-clearing break) I fire up iA Writer and write copy unhindered. And after my first stab at it, I export the copy into Google Docs for the more complex task of editing its flow and better defining structure with formatting.

iA Writer is ideal for cracking on with the sometimes objectionable and occasionally terrifying prospect of writing a first draft. So comparing it against heavyweight writing tools designed for elaborate manuscripts is futile.

That’d be like comparing a pencil with a printer – they both essentially produce written artefacts but iA Writer keeps you intimately close to the words you write. And the real distinction lies in the quality and purpose of what you create.