For the record, I’m now unashamedly specialising in copywriting for clients in the IT sector.

This won’t come as news to my IT consultancy and software development clients. Most thought my computing background already qualified me as an IT copywriter – and they’re right.

It’s just that it took me the best part of a decade to realise that myself.

Why only now you ask?

After wistful reflection on almost a decade in freelance copywriting, an obvious pattern emerged in my clients. They range from tech startups, IT consultancies to Leeds-based software developers.

That’s on top of my career working on IT, digital, and software development projects for the web, as an employed IT professional and self-employed copywriter. I cut my copywriting teeth at boutique agencies, tech startups and software development houses, as well as on one of the largest IT projects in the UK: NHS Connecting for Health (now NHS Digital).

Until now, I came across as a general copywriter who’ll take on any old copywriting project. While I’m always interested in a tasty new brief, people seem to prefer knowing exactly where they stand when they hire a copywriter. They’d rather have a specialist who can pick things up more quickly – someone who already grasps the fundamentals.

That’s me, in the case of IT

Computing, software development, networked systems and communication tools are specialisms I enjoy and understand. Moreover, helping people explain and promote what they do best with them is my mission. And making the complex simple; distilling an idea into to its purest form is my MO.

So now it’s time to make the most of this niche I’ve unwittingly created, and focus on what I do best, and what my clients tell me I’m best at. Everything fits together, now I look at IT.

That’s that then

I’m now actively seeking new copywriting projects with IT consultancies, tech companies, digital platforms and software developers. Working remotely from Leeds, or in Yorkshire, London and across the UK.

If you’re one of them You know what to do.