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Is it worth hiring a freelancer for small, piecemeal copywriting jobs?

Can I surprise you? Some of us freelancers actually enjoy bite-size chunks of modestly creative work, to pick-up and turn-around at short-notice.

Of course I’m going to say yes. I’m a freelance copywriter. That’s what I would say. But let me set aside the obvious conflict of interest here, because I’d like to challenge you from a different angle.

So here we go.

First, there’s an assumption that isn’t universally true. It’s the supposition that it’s not worth bothering a freelance copywriter with small, low-value piecemeal jobs.

Sure, there are freelancers out there who only accept big, juicy jobs with high-pressure deadlines and sky-high expectations. Projects that pay vast amounts and offer limitless opportunity for creative endeavour.

Let’s be honest though – the world doesn’t always work like that

Not every job is wildly creative. And truth be told, lavish budgets are increasingly a rarity too.

I wan’t always an untameable genius copywriter with unparalleled mastery of the english language. I was once a salaried employee, back in the real world. So I know how the day-to-day works.

Sometimes you just need a spot of ad-hoc copyediting support on-demand. Perhaps to sanity-check a complicated sales proposal, or liven up some drab paragraphs when they all begin to sound the same.

However (and probably more importantly for this freelance copywriter):

Some of us actually enjoy bite-size chunks of modestly creative work, to pick-up and turn-around at short-notice.

Yes. Really.

We don’t mind casting our eye over your case study for a couple of hours to tidy up its structure and consistency. And we actually quite enjoy injecting life into a two-page recruitment ad.

Low to medium value piecemeal work like this adds much needed low-pressure variety to the freelance diet.

Consider this too

If a handful of our other clients also offer us irregular, albeit relatively frequent piecemeal low-value jobs – that’s a nice steady stream of low-key jobs to keep us on our toes.

One final thought

Small, irregular copywriting or copyediting jobs (like the kind I do for long-standing clients) help your trusty freelancer stay connected to your developing vision and values too.

In the long-run that makes us an invaluable resource for your company’s – especially in copywriting and tone of voice development.

Look. If you’re not sure whether a job is large enough, or worth hiring a freelance copywriter for, just give us the option first. Pick up the phone and ask for advice.

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

I'm Chris. I'm a coach. I help practically-minded do-ers, makers and thinkers find their place in the world.

If you feel lost or stuck; like you're not realising you true potential, apply for a coaching place to fix things on your own terms, once-and-for-all.

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