Sign in The Core shopping centre in Leeds

Nice bit of copywriting in Leeds

A big pat on the back for the copywriter who wrote this sign in Leeds city centre. I spotted it inside the new Core shopping centre just outside Sports Direct off Lands Lane. I like it for its simple message and how quickly it impacts passing readers.

First the copywriting reminds the reader where they are: literally smack bang in the centre. Next it immediately pairs up the product (the space) with the reader’s need. And finally there’s an explicit call to action and a corresponding outcome (“your new home”) that inspires a positive vision of the future. It’s economic without being blunt. Just the way I like my copywriting.

My only nit-picking suggestion as a copywriter would be to elaborate the “…what you’re looking for” part. Maybe by mentioning a benefit like foot-fall from prosperous customers, how reasonably charged or versatile it is. I didn’t hang around for long so maybe those aspects speak for themselves in situ. But even without enhancements it does the job quite nicely.

It’s just a pity you can’t sell copywriters in Leeds city centre showrooms.