Denmark is ace. I spent a week there in August and got swept up in its community-minded culture and modest prosperity. It’s a model for how society (especially in the UK) can be if people realise the value of redistributing wealth fairly and making decisions for the benefit of everyone, not just oneself.

Sure Denmark has its problems, after all, capitalism’s hard-wired with them, but things are much nicer when there’s less inequality and people feel invested, sustainably, in the environment and communities they live in.

Maybe one day the UK will catch up and realise that paying-it-back always trumps greed. Until then, Denmark’s made it onto my top places I’d like to live (along with Berlin). And my dream in the meantime is to win a few copywriting briefs working remotely for Danish companies in the UK, or companies in Leeds with links to Denmark.

If you’re a Dane looking for an English freelance copywriter then send me a message, I’d really like to hear from you and gain an excuse to visit Denmark again.