In short, no. Why? Well, for a start, if you read what Google says (quoted below), you’ll see that they recommend writing for humans; meaningful copy that they want to read. Better rankings, more sales… the rest will follow.

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”

I must get five or six enquiries a week from people looking for a freelance copywriter in Leeds to help them crawl up the search engine rankings, with little or no mention of actually engaging with the customers they’re supposedly serving. That tells me a) that they’re missing the point of copywriting b) not to work with them (because I’m certainly not the right copywriter for their job).

So, to put it bluntly. The primary goal of every piece of copy I write is to share meaning and convince a reader to take action.

Not your Google, or other search engine, rankings.

This principle seems to work exceedingly well for humans: whether that’s the people motivated by, or the clients whose business prosper from, my freelance copywriting.

Improved search engine rankings are a pleasant by-product of my freelance copywriting

Put it this way: I must be doing something right with my copywriting because you found this website easily enough.

Finally, as a pompous artist talking to other copywriters who might stumble upon this article (through search), there’s your principles to think about as well. A long time ago I decided to use my copywriting talent to express clear messages between humans, not jostle for arbitrary positions on a cut-throat list of commercial rivals. That’s because it’s what I want to do with my life.

Writing copy to inspire and be read, not processed, presses my buttons – that’s good for me and gets results for my clients.