Any copywriter will tell you case studies are the best way to sell your business. They’ll say a case study brings business to life through the eyes of your client. And that they convince people your product or service is the one they need.

And they’re right.

However, nearly all copywriters miss this single, overwhelmingly important outcome of writing engaging case studies:

It’s that case studies act like a filter for the right kind of people with the right kind of problems. Problems you love to fix.

Yet no one seems to get this.

Hardly any copywriters mention it. Ever. But it’s absolutely crucial.

A decent case study cuts through the noise

When I write case studies, I do so with specific people in mind: unique people with unique problems. The kind of problems you know inside and out – ones you’re uniquely poised to fix.

I aim for absolute authenticity too. I pack them with genuine value, and sentiments that the reader identifies with. That way they resonate with exactly the right kind of clients for you.

Case studies done well are self-selecting, positively discriminating, and help rid you of dull, workaday projects that anyone else in your industry could deliver.

Case studies are living proof that you live and breathe your values.

Likewise, if sustainable, long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships between people are built on shared values and trust, then case studies demonstrating Why you do what you do (through your How and What) are bridges that connect you with these people.

Plus, with transparent tone of voice in your case studies, and a willingness to be honest – it’s self-evident that you’re trustworthy. And utterly beyond question that you’re committed to your craft, whichever sector you’re in.

Good case studies are truthful, insightful and accessible

Even more so they’re saturated with value. They tell stories that resonate deeply with prospective clients – compelling them to share and exclaim: “This – this is us! They get it!”

Of course case studies are this, plus all the things other copywriters promise they are too – persuasive, enlightening, influential… Their lists go on and on.

But that’s not even half the story. All these other copywriters miss the real power of case studies.

Above all else, a case study is a dependable, high-value, lost cost industrial-grade magnet, to attract the right kind of projects with the right kind of clients.