People rarely need words alone when they hire a freelance copywriter like me. There’s always a more personal reason behind why they want to unburden themselves of a pesky marketing challenge.

So, to make you feel less alone, if you’re a prospective client stalking me on Google, I’ll share the three main reasons why people like you have approached me to write their website copy, case studies or brochures over the last 7 years.

1. You’ve gone native

Maybe you’re like some of my bolder clients, and fancied having a go yourself. You know how to string a sentence together right? So, why waste money on some freelance nutter with a pencil?

The problem is that you’re too intimately involved with the products and services that you sell day in, day out. You’ve ‘gone native’.

That means your copy risks being focused on how you see things, rather than how your customers see things. And I personally guarantee; their priorities are very very different to yours.

If you’re one of the few lucky folk who don’t end up banging their heads against a wall, there’s a similar pitfall to decent results which might catch you out. Your superior knowledge of your business means you’ll be overwhelmed by detail, and not know where to start.

My professional advice? Bravely swallow your pride and hand it over to the experts. A freelance copywriter like me brings fresh eyes and experience in how to refocus your copy back on the people who are most important. I’ll help you discover things from a new angle, and emphasise everything that’s best about what you do, and why you do it.

2. You don’t have enough time

It’s an age old problem, so I’ll try not to bore you too much with the obvious. If you don’t have enough resources to do everything your daily duties demand, let alone all the strategic things you know you ought to be doing, then applying yourself to the fine art of crafting words that connect with people is probably bottom of your list.

Copywriting isn’t just about sitting down and sculpting a persuasive proposition. It’s about doing your research and planning, thinking about readers’ priorities, going over your work with a beady eye, and trimming out everything superfluous so only the bare, efficient essentials are left behind in your copy.

In this case, you probably know what to do. Pick up the phone and let me step in.

3. You’re not so good with words

There’s no shame in admitting that writing isn’t your thing. After all, running a successful business is probably more useful in your line of work. There’s also no shame in living with dyslexia or being better with your hands than with your mind. In fact, many clients have reached out to me for some kindly copywriting support because of both of those reasons.

I believe that we’re all born with innate predispositions, talents if you will, and it’s our responsibility to share them with the world, by helping plug one another’ shortcomings. That way we all win, don’t we?

To fix this one, the answer should be obvious by now. Get in touch and we’ll talk through how to make your copy really sing.