Ask any copywriter what the worst part of their writing process is and I assure you it’ll be getting started. It’s dreadful in the purest sense of the word, in that it often puts you off writing altogether.

After a short period away from the keyboard, like a weekend off, writing for the first time is like pedalling a rusty bike. Your brain feels seized up and stubbornly resists attempts to expedite movement. Pushing gets you nowhere and unpleasant sensations emanate from neglected regions as they painfully grind into operation.

Words don’t come easy. You have a vague sense of meaning you want to convey but you can’t quite place the exact word. Diction is elusive and beyond your grasp. Even the thesaurus is in cahoots with your somnambulant mind.

There’s only one way to ease the blockage. And that’s to just write. Cast aside your pride and throw words at the page like no one will ever read them. It takes about twenty minutes of steely determination to get your mind up to writing speed but slowly and steadily words dance harmoniously like your skating fingertips over the keyboard.

A decent copywriter won’t ever let a client read those first few obstinate paragraphs. Because once the blockage is free you cleanse the dirge that broke the watershed. It’s like it never happened. Until the next time you face a menacing blank pages.