After injecting some energy and enthusiasm back into a industry insight whitepaper for Grant Thornton, it occurred to me that its authors might like to know which copy I edited, and why. After all, it’s nice to have some context and justification when a stranger (however expert they profess to be…) tramples all over your words.

Then it occurred to me: by supplying that guidance, my trade secrets, I’m probably doing myself out of a job.

I’m essentially ‘up-skilling’ clients. I’m giving people the tools to copywrite and copyedit words themselves, so ultimately, they don’t have to rely on a freelancer anymore.

But then I had a second thought about why this is the right thing to do: it comes down to what you stand for and where your priorities lie.

I want people to communicate better, and get their point across clearly – so they understand one another and avoid conflict, dishonesty or miscommunication.

That’s always felt more important to me than how much work and money I can gain.

So if you want guidance and advice on how to improve your copy (as well as having it made better at the same time). Just ask.